Barry Uhl

An Account Of The Happenings At Wretched Knob

Barry Uhl - An Account Of The Happenings At Wretched Knob

“An artist who is far beyond his time, who was discovered long ago by critics, fans, and fellow musicians. Welcome to the now. Sadly, you will always be too late.”
—Damien Jurado

Barry Uhl’s debut, An Account Of The Happenings At Wretched Knob, is a lovely large-scale book, and an appropriately expansive long-playing song-cycle. After playing with Damien Jurado and Shelby Earl among many other dazzling Pac NW performers, it is the artist’s first fully cross-disciplinary project and the manifestation of an idea seven years in the making. With a nod to everything from analog-era baroque-pop to XTC to the avant-classical carnival fringe, Wretched Knob is a series of strange stories, delightful illustrations, and full-length soundtrack. But it is meant to be absorbed as one piece, in a smorgasbord of sensory enjoyment.

An Account Of The Happenings At Wretched Knob is simultaneously both a finish to years of crafting high-quality work with others and woodshedding his own musical voice, and a start to getting these sounds (and sights) out there to others. An Account Of The Happenings At Wretched Knob is, in a sense, a “reissue” that starts the catalog of Uhl’s body of work (he has much more planned). Birthed after a fanatical discovery of Edward Gorey’s Amphigorey and rife with a wide spectrum of musical and literary influence, this project was meticulously conceived and completed over the course of 2013, and will be available this Spring.

Barry Uhl is a composer, illustrator, musician, writer, and crate-digging powerhouse. Born in Redding, California, his travels eventually led him to settle permanently in Seattle after stints in Aberdeen, Jackson Hole, and Moscow, Idaho.

Track list:

1) Prélude
2) An Introduction, Or, ‘The Frenchman And The Magician’
3) Harold Rosengart, Or…
4) …’Internist London And His Empirical Studies On Invisibility’
5) Lowell The Lamplighter
6) Annabelle
7) The Cowboy, Or, ‘An Incomplete And/Or Futile (Yet Somewhat Satisfying) Exercise In Redemption’
8) Doctor Archibald Davenport Drearum
9) Louella Von Trowell
10) Admiral Orofino, Or, ‘The Deliv’ryman Of Much Secrets And Death’
11) L’Hymne du Bouton Misérable

Release date: April 1, 2014
Deluxe vinyl LP
30 pages, B&W
Limited edition: stamped, hand-numbered


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