Bons Ritmos

Afro Bahian Dance & Drum Performances, Workshops;

CD and DVD Release


Above: Featured Afro Bahian Dance Drum percussionist Jack Joao Potter being honored
in the Epicenter of Afro Bahian culture Pelourinho, Salvador Bahia, by two Bloco Afros;
with some of his percussion work on the street and showcasing his frontman abilities.


Above: New York, 2016


Above: Miami Colony Theater 2016

Two dates only:


Seattle, WA: Saturday, August 19

@ The Seattle Drum School

1010 S. Bailey Street

Portland, OR: Wednesday, August 24

@ The Residence Inn

1150 NW 9th Avenue (downtown)


Edi Machado


Bons Ritmos is a record and production company featuring Afro Bahian dancing and drumming and other rhythms and dances of Brazil started 30 years ago by Andrew Scott Potter and Edi Machado. The two started their own label by kicking off two Billboard World Music charting compact discs by Edi. Later, Jack Joao entered the roster as a composer, singer, dancer, and is featured percussionist in the folkloric presentations. The musicians are based in Brazil and have 15 CDs and two DVDs in their esteemed catalogue.

These two shows in Seattle and Portland coming up in mid-late August have various aspects of attraction for musical culture fans and scholars. There is the Brazilian culture interest, and it is a unique chance for drummers and musicians who might want to see incredible insights into origins and essences of our music. These shows are very instructional, and unveil many styles native of Brazil, and this would be an awesome opportunity for any Afro dance groups that might want to see actual worldwide experts demonstrating Afro Brazilian dances.

Leader Andrew Scott Potter has toured and recorded with Bunky Green, Sonny Sharrock, Barrosinho, Paulo Russo, and many others. He worked on the movie Fame with choreographer Louis Falco, and in the dance world with Edi Machado, Bebe Miller, and more.

For the Pacific NW shows coming up, Andrew plays drums, bingos, congas, atabaque, ketu percussion, etc. Edi plays bell and is the featured expert Afro Bahian dancer. Jack is the front man singer/composer and plays ketu percusion, rum and le , atabaques, pandeiro, tamborim. Bacorinho , repique , conga, etc. (but can only bring a small arsenal for these Pac NW presentations).

The band has toured Rio de Janeiro, New York, Salvador Bahia, Miami, Recife, Porto de Galinhas, Santa Dé, Florianopolis, São Paulo — many times over in some cities, including many festivals such as the Rio Das Ostras Jazz Fest, Chicago Jazz Fest, Konos Jazz Fest, Lituânia, and Chicago Fest.

Bons Ritmos label released 4 cds in the mangue jazz series ,” Oz”, with Gilson Perenzzetta and Paulo Russo ,” Precioso “, with Perenzzetta. , Luis Avelar , Itamar Irracery, Ranieri Ricardo, David Eric Tillman, Barrosinho, Idriss Boudrouiar , “Coco Bop Samba Rap” with Luizao Maia, Walter Bishop Jr, Rafael Vernet, Tony Cimorosi , Coco Raizes, Braulio Araujo , Aurinho de Coco, Paulo Russo , David E. Tillman , Gustavo Anacleto, Fabinho Costa , Alex Foster, Bruce Whitcomb and others,”The Music of Paulo Russo”, with Russo, Fabinho Costa and Rafael Vernet and “Andrew Scott Potter ” with Michael Wolff, Alex Foster and Tony Cimorosi..and recently,” Blues For Mr Andrew Scott Potter”, with Kiko Continentino, Marcelo Martins , Paulo Russo, Rafael Vernet, Juan Turros, Marcel Salas, Max Farber and more people, and the most recent release,” Jazz Standards / Afro Bahian Rhythms” with many musicians from Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, etc.

Andrew Scott Potter (l.), Jack Joao Potter (r.)

Andrew Scott Potter bio

Andrew Scott Potter, drummer, percussionist, producer, composer; b. Chicago, IL, 18 September 1949. His father is Jack Potter and his mother is Jean Potter. He has six brothers. He started playing jazz on bongos and congas with Malawi and Fred Anderson and Bill Brimfield in 1968, at places like the White Elephant, Safari Room, Northwestern Coffee House. Side men also included Fred Hopkins, Drasir Khalid, Jerome Cooper, Steve Mccall, Rufus Reid, Robert Shy, Al Radford and many others. His first recording was at this time with Malawi and it got some radio air play. Soon he also was playing professionally on drums.

Potter toured with the free street theater, and recorded with Eric Hochberg, and worked with other Chicago musicians like Steve Eisen, Steve Rodby, Steve La Spina, Ken Prince, Henry Johnson, Ari Brown, Duke Payne, Bunky Green, Kestutis Stanciouskas, John Cambell, Ross Traut, Chico Freeman, Cleavland Eaton, and Bob Long. He did jingles and recordings, including with Streetdancer, and toured with Minnie Ripperton.

Potter moved to New York City in 1978, and his first gig was with Michael Wolff and Alex Foster with sidemen John Scofield and Chip Jackson. Then, soon after he worked with Walter Bishop Jr with people like Carmen Lundy, Marcus Miller, Dave Shnitter, Ricky Ford, Clint Houston, and Sammy Figueira. Through working on the New York scene he worked for and with various top jazz talents like, Dr. Lonnie Smith and Richie Gart, Jim Beard, Tony Cimorosi, Jimmie Ponder, Steve Grossman, Sonny Sharrock (including a European tour), Ryo Kawasaki, Bruce Whitcomb, and Bruce Dunlap.

Potter worked in the dance world as musical director four times for Sal Perneice, and he worked for Louis Falco helping them rehearse for the film Fame with dancers like Irene Cara, Michael De Lorenzo, Neisha Folks, and Gene Anthony Ray. He also did work for Jennifer Muller and Gail Conrad, including a European tour, Bebe Miller, Bertrom Ross, Clay Talifaro, Wilbert Bradley, and, in Brazil, samba dancers Edi Machado, Marja Nunes, and Clarice Albano.

Potter moved to Brazil in 1986, and, started working with Barrosinho, where he worked and recorded with people like, Paulo Russo, Luizao Maia, and Ricardo Mattos. They also did TV for Fernando Multedo, playing jazz, but, also recording for him. Andrew produced and recorded Edi Machado, placing two cds on the billboard world music charts. Over 168 stations played it in the USA. Edi did television shows singing over Andrew’s music. They also made video clips that were played in Brazil and the USA. They had Elza Soares as special guest and had side men like Luizao Maia, Paulo Russo , Tony Cimorosi, and Andres Biorsky.

In 1992, Andrew moved to the Brazilian city Florianopolis, and recorded two CDs where he sang his own compositions. They received some airplay in the USA. In 1998, doing a video with Elza Soares he formed the Rio de Janeiro jazz trio with Paulo Russo and Dario Galante. They recorded three albums for Mix House, two were considered for Latin Grammy nominations in the Latin jazz department. They toured Brazil, and got press about their new mix of meringue beats from Recife and jazz triplets and cross rhythms. He spent time in Recife and produced the Foclorico Group, Coco Raiz Do Arco and Verde. He got back together with Chicago group Streetdancer and they toured Europe and Chicago.

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