Colorworks - Dreams of Mangoes EP
“A jaunt through atmospheric, jingly, retro soundscapes.” – Brett Stewart

“Colorworks cross over into the jangly piano pop of Rubber Soul era Beatles, which brings in a bouncy piano riff that flows along so well with simple but effective drumming style that Ringo made so popular.” – The Even Underground

Colorworks – Dreams of Mangoes


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Definition: Colorworks [kə-lər-wərks] n: mysterious and kinetically playful

Colorworks intuitively indite hyper-melodic pop creations driven by swooning harmonies and sun-chiming guitar orchestration. With shrewd coaction, the quartet features the impressive skills of songwriters and vocal duo Bret Dylan (guitar) and Nick Myette (bass) alongside percussionist Andrew Ginn and guitarist/keyboardist David Easton.

The band has made many elated live new music fans in the NW with its high-voltage shows in support of their 2015 debut Joyla Red EP, looking forward to their upcoming 2016 releases. At their fun and generous shows, their sound is so powerful they add to their ear-popping originals cover medleys featuring the zest of the Zombies, the tonality of the Byrds, and the retro kick of the Kinks.

The new double A-side release Dreams of Mangoes features two super-tasty brand new songs, “Daydreams” and “Pears and Mangoes.” These are vivid meditations on riding bikes, daydreaming, and buying fruit from the farmer’s market — reflecting the joyous thrills of the band. Two older fan favorites round out the EP as well. Videos are finished for three of the tracks, to be released over the coming weeks. Stay tuned, in full color, of course.


Bret and Nick have known each other since they were little kids growing up in Lake Forest Park, WA. They used to be in a punk band called DEK. The dad of band-member Mark was a guy named Mike Vraney, who was really big in the punk scene in the early days. He used to manage the Dead Kennedys, The Accused, and was affiliated with all the Orange County punk bands from the 70s and 80s. Vraney had gotten out of the music industry in the early 90s and starting a crazy mail-order movie company called Something Weird Video.

When Mark started playing music with Nick and Bret he decided he would manage them, bringing his knowledge of fandom and self-hype to their exuberant musical ambitions. His previous connections allowed the band a lot of amazing opportunities at an accelerated rate most bands never experience.Their first few shows ever included opening for The Presidents of The United States of America, Social Distortion at the Showbox, TSOL, and among a number of other very prominent bands. They played Warped Tour and toured with The Adolescents.

Andrew Ginn met DEK and Vraney through the Seattle Drum School 10 years ago when he was a live sound recording engineer for its all-ages venue The LAB. He moved back to his hometown of Port Angeles, and Mike mentored Andrew, as they began producing all-ages hall shows out in Port Angeles and Port Townsend, bringing 300 plus kids out to shows. In 2008 Andrew moved back to Seattle and worked for Mike at his crazy Something Weird shop. Because of his love for regional sounds, he also began working for 107.7 The End. Over the seven years there he became one of their audio engineers, recording, filming, and editing all of the Endsessions.

Two years ago Mike Vraney passed away from lung cancer. At his memorial Bret and Andrew reconnected. Nick and him had been working on a bunch of Beatles covers, and trying to write original tunes in that style. They had been looking for a drummer and Andrew was sick of the band he was in at that time.

Colorworks began working together but had another lead guitar player pulled from Craigslist. They spent nine months writing and rehearsing before playing their first show. One thing the band all learned from Mike was first impressions were everything. Thus, the time they took so long to woodshed their debut. They began recording the first EP last January and through conflicts and other issues let that original guitarist go. They then spent six months performing as a three  piece while searching for that elusive white unicorn of a fourth member, someone who could pick up the material quickly and create tasteful George Harrison-esqe leads, all while being able to play some keys and sing harmony.

Again, thanks to the beauty of Craigslist, they found David Easton, who was from Boston, and studied jazz guitar at University of North Carolina. He’d spent two years after graduating playing in the band on cruise ships. They knew he was the right fit the moment he strummed his first chord with the others at practice. He also lives five minutes from Nick, Bret and Andrew’s shared band-house.

The band is also inspired by other creative freaks they have built around them: Additional songwriting help from Greg Carriere, a guitar teacher who is a fifth member of the band. They have all taken music lessons from Greg, who helps quality control their lyrics.  He’s their wizard with words and has songwriting credit on all their songs.

Along with Greg is Andrew Bloom, who helps Colorworks to get the sound to match their name in the studio. Bret went to college with Andrew and had rehearsed to be in the band. That didn’t happen, but his engineer skills fit perfectly and the next collection of material Colorworks are to release in 2016 is also called Dreams of Mangoes and is produced by him, captured at the legendary Robert Lang Studios.

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