Critté and The Borzoi


Critté & The Borzoi
debut the magical art and music of their comic + cassette release
‘Stuart’s Cove’


Critté and the Borzoi

Pronounced CREET-TAY and the BORE-ZOY is Bradley Oliver Wilkinson and Hector Rodriguez 

Critté & The Borzoi is an upcoming and many-medias collaboration of Bradley Oliver Wilkinson and Hector Manuel. Their debut release is a self-titled EP they recorded in their friend’s room on li’l red cassette tapes. For ’Stuart’s Cove’ they have combined the two things they love the best, comics and creating music. This means their tape can be enjoyed individually or combined, which allows the listener to enjoy the songs on a whole other level.

Dude … pretty solid.

That, and they have a magically possessed pocket synthesizer that can bend time and space … and uhhh, uhhh a whole lot of other stuff we can’t even imagine! He is like a marvel of the freaking universe. He is part of our family. The comic delineates him, while he defines the music.

This first comic marks the beginning of a wunderbar story of this band lead by a young girl named Critté, her older brother Arpeggio, and her pup the borzoi!

See the in-progress videos:

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Critté and the Borzoi

‘Stuart’s Cove’ cassette tape track listing:

Side one:

1.) Stuart’s Cove

2.) Twenty Eyes

3.) Something About Her 

Side two:

1.) evoC s’trautS

2.) seyE ytnewT 

3.) reH tuobA gnihtemoS 

Stuart’s Cove is the single and then there is Twenty eyes and Something About Her. On the tape we have the songs reversed on the B-side. We chose to do this because we love experimental ambient weird noise.

Critté and the Borzoi

Origin story?

H: We initially named the band after Bradley’s dog Copernicus (a borzoi). We played a few shows under the name borzoi two years ago. We since then discovered another band in Austin under that name, so we decided to get creative. We added Critté after a twenty-eyed character Bradley drew. Her name was something we just made up and laughed about, and it stuck. Thus was born Critté and her dog the borzoi. We both really love cartoons and comic books and have been playing music for years. Critté & The Borzoi allow us to combine our love of art and music.

H&B: A photo exists from our first meeting in Austin back from our greasy long hair days. Our mutual photographer friend was shooting a photo booth, and had us take a picture together. We ran in the same scenes in Austin for years doing street art together and playing around with music every once in a while. 

H: During Bradley’s graduation, I had a traumatic experience involving a family member and moved back to be with family in south Texas. I moved back to the NW (was previously living in Portland in my teen to early twenties) to go to Seattle University. Two years later, Bradley came to visit me and fell in love with the NW.

What were your previous musical works, individually and then together?

H: I Joined as the bassist in Oh! Pears in 2013. In Austin I was playing music with friends but mostly did Bollywood DJ nights. In Portland I played in a bunch of weird, experimental, noise bands. Currently I play bass for Scarves and play acoustic sets and spin records under the moniker Hex BYFRND

B: I joined as a synth and electronic percussionist in Oh! Pears in 2013. I also had personal projects ranging from names like Minds to Choose with Teeth that Choose, where I played piano and sang, to bobohairbear, where I would loop acoustic songs with electronic beats. These were early fundamental projects that helped influence this project today.

The first release is Stuart’s Cove — it’s a combined comic and a music cassette. Why is that? 

H: Comic books and tapes were a huge part of my youth. In my Portland days, I remember popping into Reading Frenzy and falling in love with all the zines and comics.  I remember making mix tapes with some kind of doodle as the cover art in my youth. I fell in love with the DIY culture. With our lo-fi sound we wanted to press our first copies on Cassette Tape and have comics to bring back that vibe. I have been influenced by so much from beach boys, modest mouse, Sonic Youth. Pretty much a ton of garage/psych folk/rock and post punk

B: Like Hector, I was huge into mix tapes and comics growing up. Along with that, I was constantly watching TV and playing video games. I would also draw constantly as an escape, hugely influence by early Nickelodeon and MTV culture and programs. For this project we were personally influenced by electro pop, psychedelic, garage, post-punk, and indietronica sounds. As for meshing animation with music, a big influence on me was Chad Vangaalen and The Gorillaz. I say, if you can do both mediums? Combine them! Major art influences would include The Simpsons, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Adventure Time; for vocalists Julie Doiron, Nick Cave, Pattern is Movement, and Telefon Tel Aviv. Other bands that influence our sound: Broadcast, Postal Service, Chairlift, Real Estate, Washed Out, and more. 

What is this all about? 

B: Stuart’s Cove was written after my brother Stuart Wilkinson’s passing. The song begins with a sea of noise that represents the confusion and fear of mortality and death. The beginning scene of the comic shows our first character sinking in a boat and his demise. We enter the next phase of the song and story that exposes the emotional baggage we carry by portraying a tugboat and a barge she has to wrench along behind her. I personally tried to put this pain and suffering behind me but it only slowed me down and left me to feel the pain once again, hence the second shipwreck onto a deserted island. Similar to the characters in the story in the third act, I felt like I was trapped in an island having to realize my depression. Music and art are an outlet for my emotions. It keeps me busy and focused on areas in my life that were hard for me to process. I realized that I may not be okay, but “it’s alright.” The soothing sounds of the sea at the end, along with the harmonica and acoustic guitar gives me a calm feeling of peace.

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