Danbert Nobacon

“The First Anti-Trump Song” 


Revolution 9.01

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Danbert Nobacon and his cadre of musical collaborators, The Axis of Dissent, hit the ground running with “Revolution 9.01,” reminding us that art is adaptive, in the evolutionary sense, and that the incoming President Trump poses an existential threat to all of humanity, that should not be underestimated.

Nobacon states: “As someone who does teach in public education, I can say that Donald Trump is not fit, and is not qualified to govern the USA, and in fact, (as the song says) he “couldn’t even get a job in a public high school.” The cabinet he is assembling clearly shows — and as some of the people who voted for him will soon find out — that he is unashamedly ‘of the billionaires, for the billionaires and by the billionaires,’ giving us the constitutional right and moral duty to resist and overthrow his oligarchy.

Trump’s plan to deregulate in deference to the fossil fuel barons and Wall Street, and as part of his war on science, his plan to shut down NASA’s ‘earth science’ programs, makes him a danger to human and much animal life on earth. Allowing Trump to have his hands in the nuclear codes, and allowing him to open up lands for fossil fuel exploitation — fuel which climate scientists say has to stay in the ground if we are to survive as a species — might be a disaster from which we will never recover. So this is our wake up call to fight back in defense of life on earth from day one of the Trump presidency.”

Evolve Viva La Resistance, Evolve Viva La Revolution

Freak music legend Danbert Nobacon got an associate degree in the science of children’s play in the 1990’s whilst moonlighting in the punk rock band Chumbawamba. He is currently making music and art and teaching theatre at a local Junior High/High School in North Central Washington. The Axis of Dissent features musical luminaries from some of the very best of Pacific Northwest bands including The Bad Things, Rabbit Wilde and The Mongrel Jews.

“Revolution 9.01” is the first release from their forthcoming album Stardust to Darwinstuff — due in April 2017, which will be Nobacon’s first album release in seven years.

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Danbert Nobacon is one of those crazy genius musicians. His earthy, impassioned voice casts a charming line, baiting and hooking willing ears to his message. Whether or not the message is understood isn’t the point—just that it’s heard.”
—Albuquerque Alibi 

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