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Pushing artistic collaboration to produce a bad-ass piece of art is in the blood of Fainting Room Collective and their deep comrades in art and music. Starting in 2014 the multi-media creation collective is pairing six Seattle bands with six Seattle visual artists to create the music and art for a spring 2015 release box-set of six 7 inch releases.

The bands represent the fringe regional scene and can’t be fit into a single genre, including Bali Girls, Haunted Horses, Stickers, Transmissionary and The Family Curse. Check out five of the bands here (http://www.frcollective.com/triple-six-7-inch.html) . The search for the final Seattle band is also happening right now!

“With the eventual series of collaborative works, Fainting Room Collective is throwing a massive multi-media party where all the original cover art is hung, and all the releases are available for purchase in a collector’s box,” co-curator Megan Tweed says. A one-of-a-kind combination in several different ways, it should be a dearly coveted local collection of Seattle music in 2015, with expressions guaranteed to melt faces and move asses.

Megan Tweed of Fainting Room Collective is directing, funding, and project managing, while Laurie Kearney from Ghost Gallery is collaborating with bands to match the new sounds to fresh imagery. The collective also includes Brandon Fitzsimons recording the bands out of his studio, Airport Grocery, in Georgetown; Marc Tweed mixing the tracks; and Chris Hanzsek is mastering the collection. Involved as well are David Choe photographing the bands and events; Myke Pelly handling design elements for the albums and promo content; and Brennan Coyle developed the Triple-Six logo.

“The objective of this project is to encourage further collaboration amongst Seattle visual and musical artists,” Tweed says. “We want to see people reach beyond their comfort zones and begin to make new connections outside of their immediate circle of collaborators.”

“Seattle is a large city that is about to become larger, and much more cosmopolitan, whether we like it of not. If our underground arts want a voice in that growth, then we will be stronger together in support of one another.”



Fainting Room Collective

Selected Artistic Pairings So Far:

With curating the visual art to pair with each band, to date two visual artists have been selected with four more to go:

Henrietta’s Eye (Libby Bulloff & Stephen Robinson) is paired with Haunted Horses for the first release; and Frank Correa is paired with Stickers for the second.

How The Costs Are Covered:

The Fainting Room will manage this as a collective and is passing no costs on to the bands. They re-coup costs through a combination of online and Seattle in-store collector box sales, merchandise sales and a shared portion of the door money at the final party. Bands will receive a limited collector 7″ and will profit 100% from the album sales at their shows. 400 box sets will be created. “Depending on how sales go we may do a second pressing and expand distribution to other music and art-loving cities,” Tweed says. “We encourage pre-order, as we’re already seeing the box sets start to move.”

The box set is available for pre-order here: http://www.frcollective.com/shop.html

First Release – Haunted Horses with Henrietta’s Eye (Libby Bulloff & Stephen Robinson):

Song Title: Servant

Record Title: Fainting Room Collective’s Triple-Six Series #1

Record Type: EP, 7-Inch Record, Streaming

Song Release Date: August 6, 2014

Record Pre-Release Date: September 29th, 2014 (Limited tapes of the recording will be available at Lo-fi show this evening, and on Haunted Horses subsequent tour)

Official Record Release: Spring 2015

Label: Fainting Room Collective (http://www.frcollective.com/featured-projects.html)

Cover Art Credit: Original artwork by Henrietta’s Eye (Libby Bulloff & Stephen Robinson)

Link to song (https://soundcloud.com/hauntedhorses/servant-single/s-DOKc8) (via Soundcloud)
Link to music video (https://vimeo.com/102657506) (via Vimeo)
Link to Album Artwork (http://mykepelly.com/hauntedhorses/artwork/FRC_Cover.jpg)

The official release will be in the spring of 2015, as part of the entire Triple-Six box set. More details to be announced.

More about Haunted Horses’ “Feral”:

“What have brooding Seattle post-punk trio Haunted Horses (http://hauntedhorses.bandcamp.com/) been up to, besides putting on one of the most combustible sets at 2014’s Capitol Hill Block Party (http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/capitol-hill-block-party-2014/Content?oid=20174655) ? Well, they’ve recorded a 7-inch EP, which is the inaugural installment of Fainting Room Collective’s Triple-Six Series. The official “pre-release” date is September 29th; the really real release date is spring 2015. Today you can hear a preview track from it titled “Servant.” (https://soundcloud.com/hauntedhorses/servant-single/s-DOKc8) It’s a slashing, cathartic slice of gun-metal-blue rock, emitting caustic danger vibes. “Servant” reasserts that Haunted Horses are one of the city’s best and most powerful rock bands. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this EP.”
—Dave Segal, The Stranger


Second release: Stickers with Frank Correa

“There’s an Egg theme to the four songs and it’s a life love birth rebirth scramble of an EP,”
—Gabi Page-Fort Stickers lead singer and saxophonist, on the upcoming Stickers record.

More about Stickers by Kelton Sears at Seattle Weekly:


Please help The Fainting Room Collective and Big Freak Media get the word out about this scene-enriching multi-media art + music attack, and we’d love to keep you in the loop about further upcoming releases in the series. It should be quite a party when this all comes together for the release show in spring 2015!

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