Fly Moon Royalty

Fly Moon Royalty

Fly Moon Royalty triumphantly returns with ‘Delicious Trouble’ out April 22, 2016

“One of the more adventurous duos from the fertile 206 hip-hop scene, Fly Moon Royalty’s charismatic DJ Action Jackson and front woman Adra Boo mix soulful beats and organic-sounding electronica into a mix of modern R&B that’s intelligent, erotic and utterly addictive.” -City Arts Magazine

Bringing their by-now signature vocal prowess to a beat that could go 8 rounds with the Clipse’ “Grindin”, “Step Hard” is the ultimate warning shot that FMR is back in the arena.” -OkayPlayer

“Their chemistry emits a natural cool that is usually only achieved by artists who have been playing much longer than these two.”  -KEXP

“Forming a yin of choice beats and eclectic stylings to a yang of lyrical flows and buttery soul, Fly Moon Royalty is one duo personifying the Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock-notion of it takes two to make a thing go right.” – 5th Element Magazine

“The best way to explain their sound is to imagine if Beth Ditto and Erykah Badu had a baby, and that baby grew up and produced a record with Q-Tip.” -The Seattle Weekly

Fly Moon Royalty

Release Date:  April 22, 2016
Format: Vinyl, CD and digital
Label: Self-release

Distributed by: The Orchard

Track List:

1. Find You
2. Imagination
3. Grown Man*
4. Good To Go
5. Tips and Hairflips
6. I Miss Her
7. Windows
8. Red & the Wolf
9. 2-Way Street
10. Slow Cook
11. Deep Freeze 

The astonishing and audacious Miss Adra Boo and funk-wizard DJ/Producer/Emcee Action J are set to satisfy with sophomore album Delicious Trouble dropping April 22, 2016. The aptly tantalizing title of Fly Moon Royalty’s long-awaited new full-length follow up their 2014 EP Unfinished Business and shows how the Seattle-based electro-soul duo has been slaying loving audiences live. They then hit the studio for layering a scrumptious bed of sound around Miss Boo’s sizzling- siren-like vocals, in strong songs ready to seduce the world.

The best to come in an oeuvre including the release of 2012’s Dimensions EP and their stunning, self-titled debut LP in 2011, their recent work cemented Fly Moon Royalty as bad ass bona fides within the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Magazine named the electric pair as one of the city’s Best New Bands, and City Arts Magazine voted them as best the city’s Best Local Band in 2012. They debuted at #5 on KEXP’s R&B charts, and the band has supported the likes of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Macklemore, Slum Village, Robert Glasper, Nneka and Allen Stone.

While their backgrounds couldn’t be more different, the musical partnership of Fly Moon Royalty came about naturally. Often likened sonically to Janelle Monae, vocalist AdraBoo’s roots are planted firmly in musical theater. “I started to step out and sing in highschool – I got into theater, and whenever there was a musical, I was in! I learned the ins and outs of the stage, and went on to attend a theater training program, and then, through friends in the club scene, I started hosting.” Enter second half of the duo, Action J – a Grand Rapids, MI local and newcomer to Seattle, the all-round MC/DJ/producer threw himself into DJing straight after high school. “Ultimately, I just wanted to make beats. I had no mentors or anyone at all that could teach me, so I bought myself an MPC 2000 and taught myself how to sample. It wasn’t until I was taking a music program at the community college that I discovered my love for the piano. Before that moment I didn’t even know what Middle C was on a piano.”

Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as J.Dilla and Bjork, to Stevie Wonder and Betty Davis, the duo quickly caught the attention of DeVon Manier, President of Seattle based indie Hip Hop label Sportn’ Life Music Group. Together, the two entities partnered to re-release the debut album as a joint effort, and currently have an ongoing management relationship with the band.


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