Furniture Girls

Big Freak Media stoked to announce that Furniture Girls release Chaos on April 14, 2015

Furniture Girls – new release Chaos

1.) The Deep End
2.) The Well Was Poisoned
3.) Discomposure
4.) Fake
5.) Not Long For This World
6.) Descension
7.) Lily
8.) Let Go

“What a band! … Awesome.”
—Nancy Guppy, The Art Zone

”Furniture Girls are an amazing band composed of Seattle’s finest musicians and songwriters. If I had my way they would be on The Tonight show tomorrow!” 
—Matt Fink (a.k.a. “Dr. Fink”), Musician/Keyboardist (formerly of Prince & The Revolution)

“Furniture Girls appeared on Season One of Band in Seattle and set a standard of performance for all subsequent bands to achieve. StayC, Jim, Thane, Kate and Jason create a wonderful sound and have such fun on stage that it helped us launch the show at a high level. Furniture Girls belongs on the national stage.”
—Conrad Denke, Producer of Band in Seattle, owner of Victory Studios

“I know I’ve said it before, but how about one more time? Furniture Girls is one of my favorite bands in Seattle, and their brand of high-energy, punk-infused, electronic rock is unique in the Seattle scene and should be more well known than it is.” 
—Dave O’Leary, NorthWest Music Scene

Furniture Girls is extending their ‘banner year’ ( from 2014’s Dreamsrelease with the new Chaos, a more fierce and ferocious take on their dystopian, deeply moving sound. On Chaos, they let the femme-fronted fire rage and the rhythms roar! 

Featuring mindful, dynamic anthems such as “Fake,” “Not Long For This World,” and“Lily” (the first video for the album, due out Tuesday, February 17) this five-piece is unafraid to go into the labyrinths of the spirit, and the darkness on the edge of space. The songs are about the apocalyptic effects of entropy in ways both personal and political, and made to shake all ashtrays and empty bottles off any speakers. 

2014 found the band playing SXSW, teaming up with Sir Mix A Lot and Presidents of the United States of American to play the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon, selling out shows at Seattle venues, playing with Dr. Fink and The Staxx Brothers at Nectar, and tons of other cool shows with really cool bands. 2015 sees them planning very special live events around Chaos, the vivid, ornery bomp rock statement they’ve been writing and working on for a long time, and been planning since they first came together. 

Q&A with Furniture Girls

How was the new one written and recorded?

The writing process for Chaos actually started a few years ago. After we released our first full-length album in 2010, we started to move toward a heavier sound; something that was more representative of what we sound like on stage. “Fake” was one of the first tracks written, but it actually started out as an instrumental jam that we’d play (without lyrics) to open our shows. Eventually Jim reworked it into a super funky, heavy rock tune. “The Deep End” was written at about the same time, and those two songs sort of set the tone for the EP — groove-heavy retro rock, wrapped around a collection of weird, rhythmic sounds and some offbeat samples. On “Lily,” “Not Long For This World” and “The Well Was Poisoned,” stayC wrote out lyrics and melody, then sang it to a click track for Jim to arrange; on others, he’d create a full song around a sample or a bass line he came up with (as with “Fake,” “The Deep End” and “Let Go,”) and then hand it off to stayC for lyrics and melody. Once the songs had a basic structure, we worked on each one as a full band before testing them out in front of an audience.

     Recording the EP was a similar process. We didn’t have much of a recording budget, so we did most of it ourselves. Preproduction and most of the preliminary editing was done at Jim’s home studio (where he tracked his bass parts as well); Jason recorded guitar parts at his home studio, and Bubba Jones (who guests on a few Chaos tracks) gave us access to his ContactCreate Studios to track drums and vocals, with the help of their in-house engineer Steve Feasley. When it came time to have the EP professionally mixed and mastered, we turned to our fans for help through Indiegogo. The proceeds from that campaign allowed us to hire Michael Cozzi to mix the EP, and then hand it off to Ed Brooks at RFI for mastering.

Why “Furniture Girls?”

The band took that name after it was given to us by Roderick Romero of Sky Cries Mary (older brother of FG co-founder Nikki Wolgamott). We’re not exactly sure why he suggested it, but it fits. The name comes from the classic sci-fi movie Soylent Green. In the 1973 film (which is set in an overpopulated New York City in 2022), affluent men get more than just sofas and appliances with their high-priced condos. Their penthouses also come with “furniture,” women who seem to be little more than the property of each homeowner — essentially, high-priced call girls who live where they work. You don’t see much of these women in the film (except one, Shirl, played by Leigh Taylor-Young), but in the closing credits, the characters are referred to in one collective credit as “The Furniture Girls.” We’re really just geeks who love sci-fi. And we love the fact that our band name is an equally geeky sci-fi movie tidbit.

When and how did the band meet each other? 

We can’t tell the story of this band without giving credit to a producer/guitarist who goes by the name of Bubba Jones; Furniture Girls was actually a duo before he got involved. The short version of the story goes like this: Thane and Bubba grew up together in Seattle and played in a bunch of bands together over the years. Jim met Bubba in 2004, through a former bandmate who also grew up in Bubba’s neighborhood. stayC met Bubba in 2006 through her high school friend (and FG co-founder) Nikki Wolgamott, who was interning at his recording studio. In mid-2007, Bubba while was working with Nikki and stayC on their music, he recruited Thane and Jim to play drums and bass, and turn Furniture Girls into a five-piece band. A few years (and dozens of gigs) later, as Bubba was moving on to other projects, stayC’s former bandmate Jason stepped in on lead guitar. After Nikki left the band in 2010, we looked around for another singer for years, until Jason and stayC met Kate singing at a karaoke bar. Kate “officially” joined Furniture Girls in the summer of 2013.

Who does what in the band now? Also: Special guests you’ve recorded performed with, and played out with, please.

stayC writes lyrics/melodies and sings leads. Jim plays bass, creates keyboard/drum sequences, and writes and produces the band’s music. (He also handles all the band’s fan sites and social media stuff.) Jason writes and plays all the guitar parts, Thane plays drums and percussion, but also contributes the occasional drum sequence. Equally important is his role as our on-stage music director; all of the triggered sequences we use come from a drum machine/click track setup that he created, and he’s our point man with sound engineers at every show. FG booking agent is Thane’s other job, as his network of booking contacts extends from Seattle to PDX to Austin and a more than a dozen points in between. Kate primarily sings backup, but she also dabbles on other instruments (guitar, keys, trumpet and percussion) at shows. As a fledgling multi-instrumentalist, Kate’s as adventurous as they come, so she’ll pretty much play anything we ask her to!

Michael Cozzi, lead guitarist from Sky Cries Mary, has been a friend and mentor of ours for years; he’s also mixed and played some guitar on every FG album and EP since 2010. We met Matt “Dr.” Fink (keyboardist from Prince and the Revolution) in 2010, and he joined us on stage at Neumos that year. Then in 2013, as were finishing our Chaos EP, we asked Matt to play on “Lily”; last year, we helped bring him to Seattle for a show we did at Nectar. Since the band’s inception, Furniture Girls has been the hand-picked local support band for national touring artists Linda Perry, Hunter Valentine, Vintage Trouble, Van Hunt, Har Mar Superstar, Presidents of the United States of America, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Sky Cries Mary, Super Sonic Soul Pimps and My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult. We also performed with Capital Cities at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood in November of 2012 (just before their single “Safe and Sound” blew up).


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