Hobosexual II

Hobosexual - II

Following up the no-frills, lo-fidelity, down n’ dirty jet-propelled blues of their self-titled debut CD in 2010, Seattle rock duo Hobosexual have finished recording their ultimate bombastic love letter as concept album to the forces that nourish them: honesty, robots with rocket launchers for fingers, dirt, empty carbohydrates, fire and hair. Perhaps a nice single-malt scotch as well.

Asked by writer Trent Moorman to describe Hobosexual’s sound, guitarist Ben Harwood summed it up as “Bearded glory… I also love the idea of the 1980s. Not necessarily the actual decade or reality of the 1980s, but more the one-liners, like when Schwarzenegger throws a steam pipe through the chest of his assailant at the end of Commando and says, ‘Let off some steam.’ That whole rhetoric, over-the-top Reaganomic banter will never be seen or heard again.”

Let off some steam. Hobosexual II was lovingly handcrafted and painstakingly engineered to entertain and annihilate you.

Recorded at The Kill Room Studios by Benjamin Donald Jenkins. Engineered by Ben Jenkins. Mastered by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios.

Hobosexual live
Ben Harwood – Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Silva – Drums

Track list:

1) Switchblade Suburbia
2) The Black Camaro Death
3) Squish It!
4) Ghettoblaster
5) Hostile Denim
6) A Motherf#%kin’ Song About Robots
7) Bums of 2071
8) Annihilator
9) Sex Destroyer
10) The Creep
11) BMX
12) Mechagodmothra

Recommended Tracks:
“BMX”, “A Motherf#%kin’ Song About Robots”, “The Black Camaro Death”, Sex Destroyer”, and “Switchblade Suburbia.”

Inter/National CD + deluxe vinyl LP Album Release Date for
Hobosexual ll:
Tuesday, 12/9/2013


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