Jamie Aaron Aux

Jamie Aaron Aux

Photo by Victoria VanBruinisse

Big Freak Media is proud to announce that we are working with Jamie Aaron again! We’ve helped get word out about her previous two bands, XVIII Eyes and H Is For Hellgate, but now she is into a whole new scene and we’re loving it. Her new project is Jamie Aaron Aux, and she wrote, played and produced everything on the album. Velo Scene oozes with a sexy-cool attitude, particularly on the enticing “Forever” and “The Dream Song,” as well as the stoically beautiful “Mithridate and Tonic.” Emotionally sincere and concise nuanced noir pop unravels across all of its eleven seductive tracks.

Here’s “Forever,” Jamie Aaron’s first single from Velo Scene. Please check it out (would love to know what you think) and also please feel free to share with your readers / listeners:

Jamie Aaron Aux - Velo Scene

Velo Scene Track Listing:

Butterfly Fight*
The Dream Song*
Left is Never Right
Cold Sister
These Girls**
Give The Women Guns
Mithridate and Tonic*
Monument Manifesto

*- Suggested tracks
** – Naughty!

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“Balances on a tight-wire of creativity and alienation, successfully experimenting without losing listeners…music that is smart, psychedelic, approachable, and haunting, all at the same time.” –Curve magazine

“Nothing like seeing a guitarist play tasty progressions. Nothing like seeing a guitarist build tension, melodies, noise that actually move you, but not in the way of an in-your-face lead, but in a way that elevates a song and the emotional message of that song. It’s subtle, but if you focus on it, what’s happening there, is beautiful.” –effects bay

Velo Scene

Jamie Aaron, multi-instrumentalist and bedroom producer, steps out alone with Velo Scene, trading in her regular rock’n’roll habit for subtle psyche-pop smoothness. Out on Tuesday, November 4th, Velo Scene is the first release as Jamie Aaron Aux; an album of intimate reflections of Jamie’s true nature as a self-sufficient, queer, music-obsessed only-child tucked away making meaningful sounds.

To create Velo Scene, Jamie evolved beyond her typical guitar-led approach, challenging her brain to fire in new and different ways. Drawing from influences as varied as St. Vincent to Kendrick Lamar to Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jamie’s new effort is vibey and dark.


Jamie Aaron was the control center of love and chaos in the fierce, dynamic hard rock marvel that was XVIII Eyes, praised throughout the rock underground. She started in Seattle as chief songwriter, guitarist, and front-woman for H is for Hellgate, and has been a soldier in the national music scene amid myriad solo projects, developing a strong DIY ethos that drives her process. These experiences had her sharing the stage with the likes of Surfer Blood, Dirty Projectors, and Fiery Furnaces, and performing at festivals including Bumbershoot and Mo-Wave. An active member of Seattle’s queer community, Jamie’s also prioritized being a role model for young aspiring musicians, serving as a teacher for both Portland’s Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls and Rain City Rock Camp in Seattle.

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