Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount

New album


Out 11/11/14

“Massey recalls Regina Spektor, with her playful voice, prolific songwriting and bouncy pop lyrics.”
—Seattle Magazine, 50 Best Seattle Bands 2014 (Best Indie Pop band)

“Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount have found a way to make upbeat, almost childlike music at times … it makes for a unique and inviting sound from one of the better, underrated bands in the Northwest.”
—Another Rainy Saturday

Here’s the NEW video “The Song of Earth, So Far” by Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount! Please enjoy and feel free to share at whim with pals and readers.


Seattle-based Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount are gearing up to release their new album “A.L.I.T.E.”! A special Record Release Show is planned for Saturday, November 8th at beloved local venue Conor Byrne. (Roaming Herds of Buffalo will be on the bill, and many more surprises as well.) The album comes out the following Tuesday, November 11.

Big Freak Media is so proud of Julia, Dom, and Geoff for wooing and swooning all the terrific fans they made since Five Letters From Far Away, and can’t wait to hear what you think of their latest! We’re elated that they’re back to work with us again!

Track Listing:

1.) Die Before You Die Part I
2.) Protect This Place
3.) Paralleloplan(e)s*
4.) Montana Capri*
5.) Nuclear Disarmament
6.) New Neighbor
7.) The Story of the Earth, So Far*
8.) 10,000 Things
9.) Turn It Into Everything
10.) Die Before You Die Part II

* – Key tracks to grok first


“A.L.I.T.E.” is the brand new full-length from Julia Massey (vocals, keyboards, a lot of dancing and feathery eyewear), and The Five Finger Discount: Drummer Dominic Cortese (drums) and bass player Geoff Gibbs. (The latter two are not so much into the feathery eyewear personally, but they have nothing against it.) Also, Rupert Roe plays a little bundle on the track “New Neighbor” on new full-length “A.L.I.T.E.”

Some fun facts from Julia Massey!

Why is the new album called “A.L.I.T.E.”?

The album is an acronym for a line that the band came up with, but rather than call it by the line that we liked, we were extra jazzed about what it spelled out. Right now, we’re content to keep people guessing what it stands for, or to come up with something themselves. That said, the quasi-made-up-word “alite” sounds pretty representative of what we’re going for.

There seems to be a ton of love for nature, science and humanity on this album. Would you say that’s fair?

Without a doubt. These are career-long themes of mine, but on this record, I feel like the music itself (i.e. the band’s “sound”) reflects it like never before. Luckily these are huge, wonderful subjects that could last us infinite lifetimes of creating!

What three things have you been really proud of doing since releasing your highly praised previous album, Five Letters From Far Away?

1.) We were able to produce “A.L.I.T.E.” completely by ourselves! 2.) The Five Fingered Discount and I were commissioned to create the soundtrack for the film Winning Dad which will likely have it’s local release this year! 3.) Getting to participate in the music community love bonanza Timberfest!

What’s it like playing with The Five Finger Discount?

These guys are my brothers (in the case of Dom, he’s literally my brother-in-law), and after five years of playing, I would say that what amps us about playing and recording is pumping out positive vibrations to as many people as we can. For us, there’s always been this rule that is if we’re not having fun doing this, then we should stop. For our sake, and for our listeners’ sake. So far, we’ve always had fun! It’s an honor to be able to do this, and so long as we can do it in this fashion, I believe we will.

Wow, a self-production? Awesome. Who helped with recording?

We worked with producer David Miner (London Bridge, Chartreuse Muffin Studio) again. We had such a blast with him as our mixing engineer on our previous album Five Letters From Far Away and we wanted to bring him back for three tracks specifically (Montana Capri, Nuclear Disarmament, and 10,000 Things) to see what we could do with those,” Julia says. “We also worked with Don Farwell of Earwig Studio after having had a fantastic experience recording the anthemic The Story of the Earth, So Far with him. It was an exciting experiment to see what a combination of these extremely talented and different perspectives might bring to the record.” Ed Brooks at RFI mastered the record. “We took it there after we heard the difference on The Jesus Rehab’s record ‘The Zoo At Night.’” (FYI: Jared Cortese of The Jesus Rehab is Julia’s husband.)

What’s up with your mighty bass player leaving?

Since the illustrious Geoff B. Gibbs joined our band years ago, thanks to a connection via his equally illustrious partner, Lisa, we have known our time with him would eventually come to an end. That time will arrive this Fall, and we want to celebrate him with ENORMOUS amounts of gratitude. Come say thank you to him YOURSELF at his final show with the Five Finger Discount at our CD Release Party November 8th as we launch “A.L.I.T.E.!!”

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