Levi Fuller & The Library

Levi Fuller & The Library

The Wonders That There Are

Out October 28, 2014

The Wonders That There Are Track Listing:

1.) With Age Wisdom
2.) They Like You
3.) Free Men
4.) Hide and Seek
5.) Try to See
6.) Helium Balloon
7.) I Eat Clouds
8.) Feet of an Oracle
9.) Say It Again
10.) Freedom Is Slavery
11.) The Blue

Seattle-based Levi Fuller & The Library’s new album The Wonders That There Are is eleven diverse expressions of creeping alarm and awkward enchantment. It is the widescreen, full-on, across-the-musical-spectrum experience his fans have been waiting for (and should create many new ones). Made up of crisp, often heavy and soaring singer-songwriter anthems, along with Fuller’s knack for elegant, slippery ballads, the full-length is due out on October 28th, 2014.

Fuller’s new band The Library on this record is music veteran Jonathan Wooster on bass and backing vocals and Christopher Williams on drums. “I met Jon when he played in local experimental pop outfit Argo,” Fuller says. “He’s played bass in a million different bands and done it very well, but he’s also a very gifted singer-songwriter in his own right.” Drummer Christopher Williams is “one of those annoyingly naturally talented dudes. I know he’s had some schooling, spent some time at the Cornish College of the Arts, but I think he’s mostly just really good at everything, from jazz to classic rock to progressive / psych / metal to pretty acoustic folk.”

The soul of The Wonders That There Are was aged like fine Scotch, written over time. But it was recorded quickly by the legendary Kevin Suggs at the Imperial Room. “We went into Kevin’s studio The Imperial Room and tracked all the music and most of the vocals in two days, doing as much live as we could,” Fuller explains. “Then we spent another weekend doing some more vocals and overdubs, including Alex Guy’s wonderful viola work and Kevin on pedal steel guitar.”

Fuller has known Suggs (who’s worked with Eddie Vedder, Cat Power, Michael Vermillion, and Heather Duby) for quite a while: “I think I first met him when he played pedal steel with Amateur Radio Operator, and have bumped into him over the years here and there, including at his main day job as an engineer at KEXP. Jon had recorded several albums with various bands with Kevin over the years; I liked Kevin and loved how his work sounded, so it seemed like a natural choice.” It was also mastered by Mell Dettmer, known for her ability to brighten and deepen the art of Cave Singers, Six Organs of Admittance, Earth, and Black Mountain.

A diverse batch of songs written over years working with his DIY multi-artist anthology series Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly and the live music collective Bushwick Book Club, the sequence on The Wonders That There Are was picked with an ear to what would work best in this particular band setting. Though it is Fuller’s fourth full-length, it is still a fairly stripped down affair, it heightens and deepens the dynamics and subtlety that have always been a hugely important part of Fuller’s approach.

The theme of The Wonders That There Are connect up elemental aspects of Fuller’s creative worldview. “There are songs inspired by books and poems; songs expressing my own confused feelings about life and the world and my place in it; playful, surreal, songs that came from I don’t know where. And songs that probably do all those things at once.” Literary influences on this record range from his great-grandfather Archibald MacLeish to poet and essayist Maggie Nelson and George Orwell.

Levi Fuller & The Library’s The Wonders That There Are should make for a delightful autumnal listening experience once it’s out in the world just before Halloween. But maybe we won’t have to wait for so long for the next batch of gems from Levi Fuller. “I hope to get cracking as soon as possible on writing/arranging another set of songs for the next album. No more of this five years between albums nonsense!”

Big Freak Media is ecstatic to get this powerful, intoxicating, bittersweet collection of lovely and dark songs out there to people to taste and enjoy. Please let us know if you want to speak with Levi Fuller about his songwriting, projects, excellent writing, and especially the wonders of “The Wonders That There Are.”

Freedom Is Slavery!

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