E(Plus) – out July 9th

E(Minus) – out Sept 19th

BANDCAMP link to E(Plus) – for your ears only:


E(Plus) Track Listing:

1. New Taboo
2. Ataturk
3. Pablo’s Contagion*
4. Jennifer Whatever*
5. Artspeak
6. Theocracy
7. Total Mess*
8. I’m Pretty Special
9. Miss Thursday
10. Down and Dead III
11. Night of the Machines
12. Last Lament*
13. Unseen Hand, Pt. 8

All tracks FCC Clean 


“Longboat is Seattle’s least favorite band,” says Igor Keller, the mysterious, mad scientist of mercurial underground pop.

But that’s only because hardly anyone here has heard them yet — though around the world there’s been a sweet amount of spins on independent radio over the previous decade. Keller has kept to himself in terms of exposing his work to the press or other media though, hiding away and recording proficiently to prolifically release his work — a staggering 11 albums since 2011!


His next two releases, July’s E(Plus) with E(Minus) coming out in early September, are chock full of shimmering gems of unforeseen consequences, bad examples set and vitally rocking vignettes of humanity’s existential wonk.

His “band” name Longboat was opted out of simplicity, as “Nothing is worse than having an overly clever band name,” he says. “My stuff is the music you write after you learn how to write music. And most everything I write about hasn’t happened to me personally. I make stuff up. Telling the truth is for doe-eyed amateurs and hacks. If you’ve got chops, you lie constantly and convincingly. I don’t have ‘a sound;’ that just means you’re recycling your own personal musical cliches.  I don’t write love songs, because there are more interesting topics to pursue. Honestly, if you’re still mired in that swamp or whining about your tragic love life, you’re just not trying.”

Whew! This guy is intense! And as well, his high-level output shows he has a lot to say, musically and lyrically. “True, my music is quite varied,” he admits, “but that just means that there’s something for everyone to dislike.”

RIYL: Fats Waller, Frank Sinatra, and Beck. “Other than them, maybe Sufjan Stevens during his 50-States Project. Nobody else. I seem to possess a vision that others lack. In this day and age, it doesn’t seem to matter, as singles are the currency of the day.”

Keller was born in Seattle and grew up in Edmonds. He says he  is not a Seattle person by any means; he neither camps nor hikes. And he doesn’t own a floppy hat.  He lives in Belltown, “because it’s the closest experience you can have to living in a city. Although it has terrible traffic, Seattle’s essentially very small, but one thing or another has always kept me here. As much as this place annoys me, I have to say that I do enjoy the weather. If it rains, I write music.  And it rains a lot.”


About The E Albums

The E Albums are part of a four-album suite. Previous releases,  The D Albums, were recorded in August 2016 at Litho. Keller feels a special affinity to D(MInus): “It’s the garage album I’ve always wanted to make. It features great musicians, all-live instruments and a bunch of jumpy tunes. After recording the pair, I gathered together my remaining pocket change to record two all-electronic albums.”

Recorded in February-March of this year E(Plus) is a collection of tunes that tell stories and relate predicaments. In addition, it serves as a vehicle for several song cycles, including the eighth chapter of the “Seven Hills” saga. It’s about a group of highly-conditioned spies trying to survive after being abandoned by their handlers. “In the future, this will probably have 30 or more parts, plus mini-radio plays and podcast-like elements. Nobody else is doing anything like this.  Perhaps for good reason.”

Coming out on September 19, E(Minus) “is a different animal: It’s a concept album about technology. The tunes are short and noisy.  Technology has altered us in fundamental ways and this album tries to name some of them.  It also identifies some of the more vexing aspects of this revolution.”

The difference between the two albums is pretty immense: E(Plus) has a much more ‘traditional’ electronic feel to it, “the songs are longer and tend to tell more involved stories; while,E(Minus) is this fractious, unruly thing with brief tunes that puts a spotlight on a particular situation/annoyance/shameful conduct and moves on quickly. It doesn’t paint an entire portrait, but is that necessary? Technology is a vast subject and I approach it from an end-user perspective.  I use a lot of cheap-sounding keyboards and vocal effects.  This might well be my best album, but don’t quote me on that.”

Why so much output?

“It’s a sickness.  I’ve made eleven albums since 2011 – including five since 2016.  I feel the need to explore all the far reaches of pop music and that involves writing a lot of music. Despite having made all these albums, I still feel that I’ve just scratched the surface, so there’s a lot more work to be done.  That’s all part of the sickness.”

Live shows are coming up in the Fall to promote the records, “once I figure out how big the band I need is going to be.”



Stations reporting the record on their top 30 airplay chart include KYRS Spokane, WA #1, WCNI New London, CT #7 (Debut), WCVF Frenoia, NY #18, and WIPZ Kenosha, WI #26 (D).

Adds and airplay reports came in from the likes KCSS Turlock, CA, KRSC Claremore, OK, KVSC St. Cloud, MN, WCHC Worcester, MA, WIDR Kalamazoo, MI, WMUL Huntington, WV, WNCW Spindale, NC, WRFW River Falls, WI, and WXOU Rochester, MI among others.

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