Murder Vibes

Murder Vibes

“We here at the SunBreak are genuinely stoked to be premiering the newest video from Seattle-based duo Murder Vibes. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Peter Hanks and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Evans have crafted a sterling debut—eleven tracks that flow between sinewy, gothic dance pop and epic heart-on-sleeve romance. Hanks’ soaring voice provides a beating, passionate heart amidst the glacial shimmer of Evans’ atmospherics, in a blend that evokes everything from Roy Orbison to David Bowie to The The.

“Wicked Girl” is one of their new album’s indisputable highlights, an achingly lovely slice of grand balladry that gets richer and more thrilling with each listen. You’ll have to wait until November 11 to hear the rest of Murder Vibes’ debut in its entirety, but you couldn’t ask for a more assured and arresting sampler.”
—Tony Kay, The SunBreak

“Murder Vibes might be the apotheosis of Seattle’s electro-pop-duo trend: Their eponymous, self-released debut is ambitious but intimate; dark, smoky and sinister but invested in a broad emotional palette; bedrocked on shifty electronic beats by Jordan Evans but dependent on refined songwriting and virtuosic vocals via singer/guitarist Peter Hanks. … Murder Vibes feels genuinely, lovingly handmade. Hanks’ versatile voice alters mood and meaning with acrobatic upswells in register and tone. On some songs it soars with Antony Hegarty-esque exaltation (“Not Alone Tonight”); on others it smolders like the National’s Matt Berninger (“Silly Life”).”
— Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts Magazine

This Seattle duo’s debut full-length is a promising set of brooding, goth-tinged electro-pop with a dark, haunting sound featuring atmospheric synths, occasional guitars, hypnotic beats and gloomy vocals.”
— Don Yates, KEXP 90.3

Murder Vibes are:

Peter Hanks and Jordan Evans


“Just say it three times: Murder Vibes. Murder Vibes. Murder Vibes.”

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