Mutiny Mutiny

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Mutiny Mutiny - Don't Quit Your Day Job

“Brooding, beautiful male/female harmonies that are juxtaposed by bursts of hostility (with) very welcome moments of danceability.” –Megan Seling, The Stranger

Mutiny Mutiny eat the pho

Mutiny Mutiny have a new album out called Don’t Quit Your Day Job. It features 12 diverse, danceable, bass-driven post-punk pop and garage bomp songs fresh for spring 2014. Though they’ve gotten spins before on tastemaker stations like KEXP and 107.7, we believe that the elevated songwriting, performances, and production of their second release will get them many more.

Mutiny Mutiny is Jenn Schmidt (bass, vocals) and Jason Dean (guitar, vocals) — with the addition of drummer Stormi King on this second full length and at upcoming shows. Stormi’s swift and skilled drumming is a big reason Don’t Quit Your Day Job is such an ecstatic rock and roll experience. Jason and Jenn have also come up with (and traded off on) some very hot rock that features fiercely focused songwriting, inviting repeated listenings for fans of things post-punk and math-rock. It was all creatively captured by Brandon Busch (Jon Auer) at Sound Media Productions.

These are songs about the future that is happening to us now as Mutiny Mutiny live and on this album they make music that carries forward the tough, tearing, topical rock reminiscent of the dynamic days of Engine Kid, Pretty Girls Make Graves, or Sunny Day Real Estate.
Mutiny Mutiny also take the working class hero title of their album seriously: Don’t Quit Your Day Job is made by people perfectly satisfied by their community-helpful careers during the week, who then pour out their passionate protests and ruminations in the evenings and weekends. (Jenn works at an environmental consulting firm and Jason helps write grant proposals to fund practical research for improving people’s health.)

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job means that we don’t have to approach our music as a job, it can be cathartic and unbridled creativity for its own sake without worrying about trends or accessibility, commercial viability,” Jason says. Jenn adds, “I think there is this perception people have that every 9-to-5 job means drudgery and is just a means to an end or something that we would run screaming from if given the chance. That just isn’t the case for me – I love my day job. I just want to write the kinds of songs I want to write with no agenda, no obligations to anyone else, and no compromise. It’s not about working or playing music – it’s both.”

Track list:

1.) Stranded At The Drive-In
2.) Senseless Theater
3.) Don’t Quit Your Day Job
4.) Entitlement
5.) (It’s A) Chop Shop
6.) Across The Wires
7.) I’ve Swallowed Alphabets
8.) Prime Numbers
9.) End Scene
10.) Hand Over Fist
11.) Get Empty
12.) Rapture Fail!

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