Nightspace's Bailey Skye on stage

“Nightspace is Seattle’s very own destroyer of the super-ego; using synthesized sounds to distance themselves from the status quo of pop.”
—The Deli Seattle

Featured track “Mean Kids”:


Nightspace - Untrue EP

Track list:

1. Sacrifice
2. Mean Kids
3. False Priest
4. Untrue

From the moment we wake up, many of us are already looking forward to climbing back into bed. Into warmth, into safety and the odd comfort of suspension where time seems to stretch just as much forward as it does back. It is also when we are the most vulnerable.

Nightspace evokes those in-between times, when the dark part of your consciousness is wrapping its fingers around and opening up for you to take a look inside.

“Someone on Tumblr recently asked me anonymously how Nightspace came about, to which I replied, ‘It’s become this universal concept of connection and empathy for both me and the live audience. It uses music and movement and visual expressions to connect as only persons can with other persons.’

‘Nightspace’ is also an emotional release through my writing and movement. it can be something intimate or vulnerable or something rebellious.”

Seattle-based Flat Field Records follows up its release of dream pop darlings Tomten and the Pac NW scene-defining Twitch & Gloam compilation (featuring Grave Babies and Nightmare Fortress), with Nightspace.

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