Park Terrace

Written from above, Park Terrace comes into view Spring 2015

Park Terrace, Park Terrace

Track Listing:

1) Bonnie Arms

2) The Elevator Weeps

3) Franconia Notch

4) The Last Del Mar Rose

5) He Always Brings The Car Around

6) La Charme

7) Liver & Onions

8) Park Terrace

9) Tempest LeMans

10) Somewhere To Go

Park Terrace, the self-titled album, was created at the historic Chelsea Apartments, for women who never feel like they have anything to wear. It was written on one side of a hill by Devin Sullivan, and arranged on the other side of the hill by Stephen Thomas Cavit. All nine songs are inspired by different old apartment buildings sprinkled about this hill. 

Stephen and Devin met on another hill during NWFF Executive Director Lyall Bush’s birthday party. And thanks to this devious match-maker, the two decided to build an album in between them on the top of their hill. Instrument by instrument, the songs were then filled out by Stephen in his Emmy and Sundance Composers Lab award-winning studio that’s designed for film compositions and orchestral arrangements. In collaboration, they also enlisted the help of Stranger Genius luminary Eyvind Kang, legendary Amy Denio with her serenading accordion, and Academy of Music NW faculty member Brianna Atwell, amid several more players and vocalists, to complete the lush, cinematic sound. 

Thus, lest the idea be lost to the “Darger chest,” Park Terrace was born, aptly capturing Devin’s sentiment: “I like the stories we tell ourselves in order to believe we are living the American dream.” Both he and Stephen agree the songs will be presented very rarely in a live setting, taking great care to ensure the selected venues are as much a part of the performance as the music itself, adding a bit to the curiosity and splendor of Park Terrace

Please drink in the music of Park Terrace above and let us know how we can help you inquire further into this mystery.

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