Ravenna Woods

Alleyways and Animals

EP / 7″ single Recorded by: Matt Bayles at Red Room
Out on: Rocket Heart Records
Release date: Friday, October 14

“And just like that, Ravenna Woods, once a proudly minimalist acoustic-folk trio, expands into something far more amorphous and unpredictable. The band’s music has always lurked in shadowy corners, a dark mystery just out of reach from the flickering campfire. As they shuffle the lineup and, for the first time, work with an outside producer, they transition into a more cosmic kind of haunting. 

Ravenna Woods


     Credit bandleader Chris Cunningham‘s drive to constantly reinvent Ravenna Woods as the thing that most suits his mercurial artistic temperament. The band is now a quintet, with Cunningham on guitar and vocals, longtime drummer Matt Badger and keyboardistBrantley Duke, plus new multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Danielson and bassist Reed LV. They recorded their latest material with Matt Bayles, the producer behind anvil-heavy rockers like Mastodon, Akimbo, Botch, These Arms Are Snakes and a slew of other Northwest icons.
—Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts Magazine August 2016


Ravenna Woods - Alleyways and Animals EP

Track list for the Alleyways and Animals EP :

1) Alleyways
2) Good Friend
3) Animal
4) Falling on Your Face

BANDCAMP Buy Link (for posting):

Track list for the 7 “ single:

Alleyways b/w Animal
(w/ download link for Good Friend and Falling On Your Face)
Past press love: 

“Why they matter: Ravenna Woods provides a crucial reminder to Seattle’s current scene: Just because it’s acoustic doesn’t mean it must be pastoral and warm.”SPIN.COM

“KEXP’s favorite gloomy folk-punkers.”KEXP.org





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