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Head Like a Kite, No Two Walk Together
Head Like a Kite
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Tim Held, Terminal Hymns
Tim Held
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The Animals at Night, S/T
The Animals at Night
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Out: 11 / 11

Release show: 11 / 18 at the High Dive in Seattle

Self Center Records is a new record label founded by veteran Seattle electronic-music mavens Tim Held, Graig Markel (Animals At Night), and Dave Einmo (Head Like A Kite). The three are coming together as an exciting new collective to release fresh, exploratory work from themselves as well as others in the field. On November 11, the label is releasing three all three label debuts from each of the musicians.


Head Like A Kite, No Two Walk Together (Instrumentals)

Video Above: HLAK, “No Two Walk Together”

On “No Two Walk Together (Instrumentals),” Head Like a Kite’s ambient, lush, horror soundscapes explore the dark, musical journey of film noir. Creepy becomes alluring and beautiful. Inspiring the short horror film by the same title, “No Two Walk Together” takes listeners on a cinematic, atmospheric voyage into sonic bliss.

After nearly a decade of releasing what URB magazine called “true genre-twisted party albums that appropriately capture the sounds of an eclectic America,” Head Like A Kite’s bombastic beats and euphoria transform into the cinematic afterglow of No Two Walk Together. HLAK’s David Einmo has always mixed lush production and surreal ambience within stylistic-shifting albums, and finds him stretching even further outside form on the new EP.

Recorded in Chicago with drummer and producer Brian Deck (Sub Pop’s Red Red Meat, Califone, Modest Mouse), the title track, “No Two Walk Together,” opens with Taryn Webber’s moody and foreboding viola and Einmo’s echo-drenched guitars; the mood grows darker on the second track, “Satan Is Angry,” a David Lynch-esque emotive soundtrack digging deeper into the fertile ground of menacing beauty; and on “Return to Order,” HLAK joined by Deck’s percussion, “Return to Order” builds and pushes like a cinematic Krautrock dagger.

No Two Walk Together highlights the extension of HLAK’s journey into sonic possibilities.




Tim Held, Terminal Hymns

Video Above: Tim Held Terminal Hymns promo video

Tim Held is an electronic musician and film composer residing in the Pacific Northwest. Hailed as “one of the few Seattle producers making IDM sound vital and inventive,” esteemed scribe Dave Segal chronicled Held’s 2015 release, TypicalHaunts, as “one of the best electronic records to come out of [Seattle] in the last five years.”

Terminal Hymns is Tim’s third full-length and features eight new tracks, including single “Nocturne For Narcissists” and “Gauche Gigue”. This record shows Held continuing to carve out his own sonic landscape while adding more human elements such as vocals, guitar and bass.

Tim Held: “This album was made over a span of time when I felt something, I’m not sure what, was coming to an end and it was terrifying and exhilarating. There is a cloud of impending doom hanging over it, but there is also a sweetness interwoven through it.”


The Animals At Night, S/T

Video Above: “Viktrolux” from AAN’s s/t.

S/T is the fifth release from The Animals At Night. This release shows Markel experimenting in the studio with the help of multi-media artist Robert Bailey of Lumastrada, who lends his hand playing live and designing set props.

His first album on Self Center evades many different genres he’s experimented with, and finds him going deep inside himself and making movies all out of his own head, heart, and soul.  Markel has an elegant, instinctive way of crafting new combinations of sounds that become both intimately crepuscular and emotionally cinematic at the same time.

Graig Markel: “The rules for this new AAN record are: Strictly modular synthesizers. Nothing else. I pieced the units together, with many of the components hand-built by myself. Each piece is a live performance recorded to a single mono track. No editing, no overdubs. Entirely in mono.”



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