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Slow Music

Bill Rieflin was the drummer for The Telepaths and The Blackouts, Seattle’s figurehead punk and post-punk bands. His use of space and sound and time has influenced generations of provocative underground rock and ambitious noise-makers. Over time he has played and produced with many other avant-rock stalwarts, including King Crimson, REM, The Minus Five, Ministry, Swans, and others. He is back living in Seattle, and in mid-April will be bringing fan-beloved, super-talented mates from various areas to play a dazzling double bill three nights in a row in the Pacific NW.

Line-ups in each group feature the extraordinary skills of music-evolutionary Robert Fripp, post-punk diva Toyah Willcox, REM’s genius and ubiquitous guitarist Peter Buck, and Matt Chamberlain who’s worked with David Bowie, Bill Frisell, and talented others. The two evenings at the Triple Door and the one at Doug Fir will take advantage of those awesome venues’ lighting and sound, and fitting environs for a truly special sonic experience.

The dates and details:

Slow Music, The Humans

The Triple Door, Seattle WA
Monday, April 14, 7:30 p.m. (All Ages)
Tuesday, April 15, 7:30 p.m. (All Ages)

Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
$25 advance; $30 at the door

Doug Fir, Portland OR
Wednesday, April 16
(Contact venue for additional details)

More info on Slow Music and The Humans:

After a seven year hiatus, the completely improvised Slow Music returns to Seattle for two rare performances!

“Moments of glacial beauty. Fripp’s quicksilver tone could be heard weeping underneath the crescendos and toward the end. Buck added his trademark ringing guitar arpeggios.” —Variety

“The improvisational and experimental concept of Slow Music was oddly calming, meditative and a true sound alternative.” —Hollywood Reporter

“This Zen supergroup offered a chance to feel music differently. The listening offered subtle, oddly soothing rewards.” —Ann Powers, L.A. Times

“The climax of the final improvisation at Seattle’s Showbox is superb: a frenetic tangle of howling notes, ascending arco bass and shimmering cymbals provide a devastating conclusion.” —Sid Smith, DGMLive

Slow Music Line-Up Featuring:

Bill Rieflin: keyboards & percussion (Bill has played drums w/ R.E.M., Swans, and is a member of the newly reformed King Crimson)

Robert Fripp: guitar, guitar-like things, soundscapes (Robert’s guitaring is legendary, and is a founder of King Crimson)

Peter Buck: guitar and things (Peter’s guitaring in R.E.M. is singular; he’ll probably play some of these shows with a butter knife)

Matt Chamberlain: drums and drum-like things (Matt has played with almost everyone in the world)

Fred Chalenor: upright bass (Fred is at home with both Hughscore & Hans Eisler)

Slow Music was formed in 2005 as a way to create live ambient/textural/environmental music in a live context. Rieflin describes how “openness and stillness become a part of the musical vocabulary, as well as density and activity. It can be both beautiful and surprisingly intense. And, being improvisational in nature, you never know what will happen next, which makes it all the more exciting.”

Innovators to the core and representative of their mindful disobedience to expectations, Slow Music is completely improvised and has no website, no band photos, nor commercially available music. The best way to listen is to show up. Trust us: It will be worth it.

Also on the bill are The Humans making their first ever West Coast live performances!

The Humans are:

Toyah Willcox: voice, voice loops
Chris Wong: bass, and occasional guitar
Bill Rieflin: bass, and loopy percussion stuff

“Has an ethereal, disembodied quality, even when the music is at its most aggressive, such as on ‘This Reasoning.’” —All Music Guide

“The twin bass players, occasionally complemented by programmed beats, played sinewy, rumbling rhythms, a kind of twisted funk.” —Financial Times

“The Humans sound like what Trent Reznor and Tori Amos might have sounded like if they’d ever gotten together in the late 90s.” —Ear Buddy

Toyah is a hugely successful in the UK and Europe as a pop singer, film and stage actress, and writer. She formed The Humans in 2007 after being invited by the Estonian ambassador to tour Estonia and to perform for the president. With a strong, catchy core layered with dance-inducing rhythms, then often shattered by a playful experimental playful streak, this creative formation marked a radical departure for the adventurous Toyah. Eschewing the conventional rock band line-up, the core of The Humans focuses on her voice flanked by two bass players. Although the records and live shows do include a wider range of instrumentation, The Humans center their sound around the singing and bass. Second album Sugar Rush received raves in the alternative press when released a couple of years ago. Their third CD, to be released later this year, is the most catchy and danceable record yet.

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