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Soft Lions

“Every Soft Lions song is basically born out of my diary” Megan Liscomb says. The shy, rainbow-haired singer + guitarist of the San Diego trio Soft Lions, her songs evoke heartfelt memories, distilling in them a wide range of emotional states and colors.

“Waitress” directed by Chris Maroulakos, premiered on Owl & Bear.

To make the music come to life she sought out Lex Pratt to help with vocal duties; she also replaces the traditional bass player with her percussive, psychedelic style on keys. Jon Bonser serves as the backbone on drums.

The band crafts songs that are a blur of decades, mixing the sound of 60’s San Francisco pop with noisy garage-guitar driven tracks, lending the songs a definitive west coast vibe.  They’ve played all over Southern California and have also appeared at SXSW. 

On the new four song (orange vinyl) EP Spellbreaker, Soft Lions often dive into dark, confessional material. The high-spirited title track as well as ‘Waitress’ showcases the band’s grit and garage potential, and concludes with the ultra-tender ‘Phantom,’ a ballad about coming to grips with one’s past. The overall sound of Spellbreaker draws on a broad range of inspirations, from Dick Dale to Sonic Youth, with Breakfast at Tiffany’s playing on video in the background. 

Soft Lions - Spellbreaker

“Based out of North Park, Soft Lions is a coed trio obsessed with giving groovy, psychedelic jams a surf rawk edge. Their third EP, Spellbreaker, will be released on July 10th via Velvet Blue Music and is a darker, moodier affair with frontwoman Megan Liscomb constantly confessing raw emotions. And don’t worry, they still don’t have a bass player as keyboardist Lex Pratt continues her percussive, retro tones.” —Free Bike Valet

“On their new EP Spellbreaker, the band dive into dark, confessional material drawing on a broad range of inspirations, including retro surf licks, Sonic Youth records, and the vintage film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, creating a moody, but undeniably groovy atmosphere.”  —Mad Mackerel 

“Rougher around the edges and leads the listener down a dim light. Not straying away from their retro vibe heard on Earth Energy (2014), the trio doesn’t disappoint and leads for great anticipation for their upcoming EP … with a much more somber and heavier angst sound. Megan Liscomb’s scribbles that have been noted to start off in her diary, break free in the possessed song. ‘Spellbreaker,’ an effortless haunt, holds reassurance, led by Liscomb’s low, throaty and bewitching vocals. Besides crawling in the listener’s ears and adding to the slow grooves, the lyrics add to the quality of the song and a hint of magic that Soft Lions have always contained.  ‘Sarah we can be anything if we want to / our hair is turning white so let’s dye it in rainbows.’” —Girl Underground Music

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