Sweet Madness


“Sweet Madness is recognized as having taken Spokane’s first step into the new music. Their performance was starkly aggressive. Their music was captivatingly original.” –Spokesman-Review

“Sweet Madness, in true DIY fashion was forced to create their own music scene from the ground floor up; finding venues, putting on shows and thus inspiring others to do the same.” –Gillian Gaar in the Examiner

“(Spokane’s) first punk/new wave band, Sweet Madness, was an excellent bizarre, arty, satirical The Jam-meets-Devo hybrid.” –Permanent Records, (Los Angeles)

“Crucial.” –Razorcake.

Coming on the heels of the vital SPOKANARCHY documentary which featured them and got them deserved long due acclaim, Sweet Madness’ MADE IN SPOKANE: 1978-1981 features sixteen tracks of singles and deep cuts lovingly remastered and on high quality vinyl. It is something you need in your LP collection if you are madly passionate about the days when American Underground rock was inspired by more conceptual and dynamic bands from the UK and homegrown punk scenes. RIYL: Television, Elvis Costello, Berlin-era Bowie. Distributed by the masters of the reissue, Light In The Attic, this should find a home with thoughtful, passionate garage-punk music fans everywhere.

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