Sweet Madness

Sweet Madness Vol 2

Sweet Madness Volume Two

unearths more previously unreleased Sweet Madness music from where
Made In Spokane: 1978 – 1981 left off

Above is the first video “I Don’t Like You” from the soon to be released Sweet Madness Volume Two to be distributed by Light in the Attic. Featuring fifteen previously unreleased songs from Sweet Madness circa 1978-1981, many of which clock in at about two minutes each. 


Sweet Madness Volume Two Made In Spokane: 1978 – 1981 

Track Listing:

Sleeping Without You 2:09 recorded March 1981
Monica’s Had a Change 2:12 recorded January 1981
I’m Not Vicious 2:41 recorded March 1981
Obsessive Compulsive 1:53 recorded November 1980
Falling and Fading 3:13 recorded March 1981
Disposable 2:25 recorded November 1980
Grab and Hold 2:33 recorded December 1979
Boys Just Get Excited 2:02 recorded November 1980
Reorientation Camp 3:25 recorded March 1981
I Don’t Like You 2:44 recorded December 1979
Are You Domesticated? 1:57 recorded November 1980
What’s In It For Me? 2:11 recorded November 1980
Severn 2:06 recorded June 1978
DOA 2:35 recorded August 1979
Flight Number 77 4:34 recorded June 1978


Previous press – for Made In Spokane: 1978 – 1981:

“Catalyst stars. Supplies a tasty straddle from where quick punk and new wave coalesce. From this band a vigorous, spiky DIY outbreak would spring.”
—The Big Takeover

“FOUR STARS. Made in Spokane strongly allows their legacy to strike out beyond the confines of their geography.”
—Record Collector

“‘Each of these songs are exceptionally well played. “Concrete River’ is one of the best songs you’ll hear all year. Post-punk territory with spectacular results.”
—Ugly Things

“The best reissue of 2013 came from a Pacific NW band that many didn’t even know existed . . . Sharp, hyperdriven new wave pop that sounds distinctively ahead of its time, yet impossibly fresh and exhilarating today.”
—The Sun Break

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