The Gods Themselves

For your pleasure: Here’s a link to “I Am The President” from the upcoming The God Themselves debut:

The full-on funky, dirty, blissful madness of their nine-song first album scorches Earth on September 23rd. 

The Gods Themselves is the last band out of Seattle at the End of the World. They began their journey to the stars in March 2014. They played their debut show with Partman Parthorse in June, and with La Luz at a Planned Parenthood benefit in July. On August 13, they play out with the notorious and nasty Blowfly. (It’s a sweet, sizzling slice of heaven and hell for soul-punk fans!)

Band members Astra Elane and Collin O’Meara started playing together in Atomic Bride, while Damion Heitnschel was in Autolite Strike. Each of them were looking for a challenge and some fresh magic, so they formed a new group. With the goal of improving as instrumentalists, songwriters, and as human beings they became The Gods Themselves. “We all agree on wanting to make good music that is heart-moving, hip-shaking, and interesting,” Damion says.

The Gods Themselves’ sound has soul, edge, and groove. The trio are cosmically linked and prepared to usher in a rapturous new age where, as Astra says, they “will blow your ear’s mind.” Astra drives her wah-wah guitar into the sun, Collin kicks the disco-wave punk beat, and Damion digs to the center of the earth with his Baritone guitar. Astra and Damion both sing. The unspoken fourth member of the band is space. There are lusty breaks and pendant pauses, indulging anticipation and emphasis. 

“Movement is what it’s all about,” Astra says.” You’re sensing the song more with your body than with your mind because The Gods Themselves give you room to feel the sounds.” 

A new video for “I Am The President” is in the works and will be blasted to you shortly. It has a Cuban feel in a filthy bar and features cameos from the band Hellbat, beloved music scribe Tony Kay, Rachel from #hashtagtits, and other surprise guests. 

And remember: The Gods debut album ascending on September 23! 

Omar Loves You! 

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