The Hoot Hoots

Colorpunch LP/CD
out early spring 2015!

The Hoot Hoots are electrifying!

There is a specter of subversive joy and maximum power pop amping the venue-going Seattle music fans, and in the middle of this madness is the all-inspiring The Hoot Hoots, a band that delivers its new album Colorpunch with no holding back, live or in the studio. 

Hoot Hoots on stage

Upcoming Live Shows:

February 5th @ Band In Seattle w/the Jesus Rehab (Live filming and VINYL RELEASE SHOW!)

February 6th @ Spacecraft in Bainbridge Island with the Weather Machine

February 20th @ the New Frontier in Tacoma with the Jesus Rehab and Fruit Juice

February 28 @ the Big Dipper in Spokane w/Pine League

March 13th @ Columbia City Theater for Roaming Herds of Buffalo album release

The Hoot Hoots - colorpunch

The Hoot Hoots – “Colorpunch”

Track Listing: 

1.) In The Air
2.) Gone Far
3.) Heroes
4.) See You
5.) Nancy
6.) Confused
7.) Rocketship
8.) Ain’t No Superhero
9.) Hands Of The Dead
10.) OOO
11.) Until Next Time

KEXP Song Of The Day – “Gone Far” from Colorpunch:

“Despite their floor-length rainbow robes, The Hoot Hoots are not recruiting for the most psychedelic cult ever. Instead, these Seattle power pop players intend to leave a mark with Colorpunch, their latest release. After meeting at Knox College, the quartet relocated to the Northwest from Illinois in 2008 and became known for their confident, lighthearted energy. The band has been acknowledged as continuing on the indie pop path laid out by greats like The Shins.

“Maybe the group has dabbled in brainwashing because it’s impossible not to bop to the playfully anthemic “Gone Far.” The Hoot Hoots’ polychromatic feel goodery has just enough loud, fuzzed out guitar to tether it before completely blasting off to a galaxy of youthful fun. The group’s signature zest doesn’t come with a lack of musical ability – the band crafts powerful pop melodies that refresh the genre’s charm.”
—Anna McClain

Seattle Magazine, Best of 2014: 

“Their big, bright synthy sound—with lyrical references to video games and silly ways to pass the time—charmed the city. At a live show, you might catch keyboardist Christina Ellis dressed in a cardboard robot costume, or the whole band dressed in robes or ’80s sunglasses. What you will most certainly encounter is one of the strongest rock bands in Seattle. They sound like Franz Ferdinand jumping on a trampoline.” 

Spokane Inlander: 

“”Hoot Hoot songs aren’t just upbeat, irresistible dance party starters, they’re complete mood alterers that shoot rainbows and cupcakes and kittens and sunbeams into your black little heart.”
—Leah Sottile


Seattle power-pop quartet The Hoot Hoots are irresistible party starters. Their songs are powered by fuzzy guitars, fuzzier keyboards, and headhum-inducing hooks. All of these combine in a glorious, slightly insane energy in both their live shows and on their newest album, Colorpunch. Think vintage Flaming Lips with a splash of NES and a dash of the Unicorns, and you get the idea.

Seattle Weekly has compared them favorably to the Shins, the Deli Seattle Magazine has praised them for their “flashy, out-of-control pop sensibilities,” and Seattle radio 90.3 KEXP named their song ”Go For A Walk” a “brilliant pop tune and nothing you should skip out on.” 

Lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Prairie grew up with his brother/drummer Chris in the middle of Midwestern corn fields in Clifton, IL. The two played whiffle ball and Nintendo, watched the original Star Wars trilogy obsessively, and learned to play guitars and Casio keyboards in the bedroom they shared for most of their formative years. They wrote a few songs in high school, but they mostly tinkered with sounds until Adam left home to study at Knox College in western Illinois followed by Chris a few years later.

“The Hoot Hoots really took shape at the end of my stay at Knox,” Adam says. “Chris and I wrote and performed music for a psychedelic 60’s production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and we were kind of overwhelmed how much people were into it. That was the first time we both thought, ‘Maybe we should give this band thing a shot.’”

It was at Knox that the Prairie brothers first met keyboardist Christina Ellis and ex-bassist Geoff Brown, but the foursome never played a note together until they all reunited in Seattle late in 2008. Geoff passed the torch to current Hoot Hoots bassist Ben Lewis in the summer of 2014. They now all live together in a house in Wallingford, playing together and having adventures! 

They’ve also relentlessly hit the road the last couple years, making stops in the Midwest, Southwest, Texas, West Coast, and all over the Pacific Northwest. And they somehow manage to do it all stuffed into a Toyota Prius!


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