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The Rightovers’ Blue Blood breaks from Honolulu, Hawaii July 31, 2015

The Rightovers’ 10-song LP Blue Blood is set for release on July 31, 2015 on translucent aquamarine vinyl via the band’s own Trebleplane imprint (limited to 300), and on CD and digital via Seattle’s Jigsaw Records.

“Expansive, spacy little psychedelic trio hits most nails on the head, with overtones of the Red Button, the Galaxies, and the High Dials. These guys are originals within the genre. One stunner after another. FOUR & 1/2 STARS.” —Pop Geek Heaven 

A refreshing pop gem that marries the best of ‘80s college rock with ‘60s melody. . . One of this yearʼs best ‘hidden’ pop secrets is now exposed.” —Powerpopaholic

Born out of a lineage of DIY indie pop on labels like K and Flying Nun, Hawaii outfit The Rightovers trade in both fuzz and pristine jangle, sometimes within the same song. New record Blue Blood finds them expertly harnessing this approach for a set of 10 profoundly catchy summertime tunes. Leader Chris Holmes’ lyrics are at turns sincere and sarcastically humorous, and cover matters both personal (heartache, hallucinogenic experiences) and general (social media, music scenes). While the styles the band employs throughout the course of Blue Blood‘s 34 minutes are well-worn and explicitly reference the work of a myriad of classic indie—and not so indie—groups, they are combined in a way that makes the record a truly original document. The Rightovers are indeed pop contenders and Blue Blood is their statement.

the Rightovers - Blue Blood 
The Rightovers – Blue Blood stream (first five songs available to sample):

Blue Blood Song List:

1.) Valerie
2.) Canyon Country
3.) Vaseline
4.) So Famous I’m Fucked
5.) My Trebly Underground
6.) Hello Cruel World
7.) Arthur’s Army
8.) We Can Run/A Piper’s Lament
9.) Floating Near The Sun
10.) Nanakuli



The Rightovers began under the name Conceptus in the mid-2000s as an outlet for Chris Holmes’ first crudely-recorded songs. Taking inspiration from lo-fi forbears like Pavement, Ween, the Television Personalities and the Clean and combining it with the peerless pop of The Records and The Raspberries, Holmes spent his nights and weekends recording modest odes to fun, fear and failure in his L.A. apartment at a frenetic pace.

After relocating to San Diego, Chris found a group of like-minded collaborators, and first group Conceptus took shape as a fully-functioning band. The lineup remained together for three years, performing frequently and recording a debut full-length, Trebly Feelings.

Having grown discouraged by his band’s inability to make significant headway in Southern California and embittered with the San Diego scene, Holmes pulled up stakes and relocated to Hawaii to pursue a Master’s degree and further indulge his surfing obsession. The isolation of island living turned out to be a musical blessing, allowing him to refocus on his songwriting. Holmes spent his first summer off back at his parents’ house in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he set about tracking a second record, the new Blue Blood. 

Holmes recorded instruments and vocals for the chiming, charming collection of songs in his basement over the course of three months before calling in pals Mike Kamoo (The Loons) to play drums, and Sarah O’Brien to add backing vocals. Holmes mixed the record upon returning to Oahu’s North Shore. 

The release of Blue Blood is already drawing close interest from pop devotees from around the world, and Seattle’s twee and indie pop-centric Jigsaw Records is helping get the word out about The Rightovers’ new record as well.


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