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The Scenics – In the Summer
out May 27 thru Light In The Attic – Summer 2016 tour announcement!

The Scenics opening for Talking Heads in 1977.

“These underground icons merged Television’s guitar work, Big Star’s pop prowess, Pere Ubu’s dementia, and the Ramones’ urgency.” —Jonathon Cummins, Montreal Mirror



The Scenics – In The Summer

The Scenics "In The Summer" previously unreleased late 70s recordings of seminal Toronto punk/new wave band.

Track Sequence:

1.) O Boy
2.) Do The Wait*
3.) Wild Trout*
4.) Great Piles of Leaves
5.) I’m Hurt
6.) Sunshine World
7.) In The Summer
8.) I Killed Marx*
9.) Gotta Come Back Here
10.) So Fine
11.) Not Dead Yet
12.) One Comes Closer

* Lead tracks, videos premiered at The Big Takeover, Victim of Time, and Razorcake

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1976. New music was filtering out of NYC. Patti Smith’s Horses. Television’s indie single “Little Johnny Jewel.” Pere Ubu’s first 45s. The Ramones’ fiercely stacked debut. Talking Heads featured in New York Rocker magazine.

In the summer of 1976 Andy Meyers, fresh out of high school, and Ken Badger, working at the local music store, met and started The Scenics.

Inspired by these new sounds (and Iggy, the Velvet Underground, garage rock, Roxy, Syd Barrett, etc.), Ken and Andy began writing songs that defined THEIR sound — chancy, risky, noisy, with big pop choruses and gear-stripping guitar and rhythmic bomp. Alien-eyed lyrics that took in the world from the other side of “normal.”

The Scenics were artistically charging up, woodshedding as a fiery young band, creating studio recordings that were then eventually collected on In The Summer. The core became a ten song demo tape, which was passed around, a legendary artifact to a small group of Toronto punk-tastemakers. One of whom blasted it in one of the coolest record stores in town, and held it up as “just as good as anything else out there.” These songs were never released back in the day. They form an essential document of their ragingly creative early days. 

They played shows with Talking Heads, Simply Saucer, The Troggs, and dozens of other pivotal underground legends. They played at Toronto’s infamous “Last Pogo” event (1978) and were featured in the movie and live LP of the same name. In 1979 they recorded their LP Underneath the Door, and in 1981 they also released a single, “Karen”/“See Me Smile.”

For six years, The Scenics engaged and enraged local audiences by not playing by the punk rules of the day. The band’s wild creativity made any Scenics performance an adventure. And now they’re back, in the flesh, hitting a few of North America’s most rocking cities.

In The Summer is the overlooked release of music that kick-started the blazing Scenics sound, and it is finally coming out in the States and elsewhere to remind deep music fans that the band is back and playing again live.

“I don’t know much about this Canadian New Wave band that made these brilliant recordings in ’77 and ’78. Why they aren’t legends is hard to say.” —Roctober

“If a band makes an album and nobody hears it, does it still rock? This long- lost batch of wiry Television guitars & black Velvets art-rock sure does” —Daryl Sterdan, Winnipeg Sun

“It wasn’t so much that The Scenics were ahead of their time in 1977, it’s more that almost everybody else didn’t even know what time it was. New York had Talking Heads, & England was blessed with XTC, but here was their equal in Toronto and they never got the necessary push and support. It’s fabulous we finally have the evidence, but it’s a drag we haven’t been able to enjoy it the past 30 years.” —Bob Mersereau, CBC, author of The Top 100 Canadian Albums

“Brainy crackpot art-pop with an ear for off-kilter melody, a headful of magic and twitchy grooves to burn. It’s a sin the Scenics have left such a faint mark on punk-rock history… but the reborn cult starts here.” —Ben Rayner, Toronto Star




The Scenics Summer 2016 Tour:

Wednesday, July 6 – Hamilton, Ontario @ This Ain’t Hollywood

Thursday, July 7  – Toronto, Ontario @ Rivoli

Friday, July 8 – Buffalo, New York @ Mohawk Place

Saturday, July 9 – Cleveland, Ohio @ Beachland Tavern

Sunday, July 10  Columbus Ohio @ Ace of Cups

Monday, July 11  Chicago Illinois @ The Empty Bottle

Tuesday, July 12  Detroit, Michigan @ UFO Factory

More dates to be announced ASAP!

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