Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley

Rhino Handmade and Light In The Attic Records have partnered up to deliver the Tim Buckley Deluxe Edition to the best record stores and high quality music fans who look for the deep delights retail all over the country. True to the vision of the label and distribution partners, Buckley may have been part of the same mid-late 1960’s Orange County, CA folk scene which brought the world Jackson Browne — but his bold creativity and astonishing expressiveness has more to do historically with artists like Miles Davis.

A superb vocalist who adored many genres of music, Tim Buckley was the hallucinatory, sensual, powerful 1966 debut of a garage band-raised 19 year old. Though adept enough to even bend what he loved to make his own eclectic, immortal songs, his first album finds him finding his voice in his most straightforward recording. Its immensely romantic centerpiece “She Is” is balanced by the bittersweet longing of “It Happens Every Time” and the mystical blues of “Strange Street Affair.”

The Rhino Handmade Deluxe Edition features the original songs produced by Elektra founder Jac Holzman and Paul Rothchild (The Doors producer), engineered by Bruce Botnick (The Doors and Love engineer), featuring jangle-fried guitar by Lee Underwood and twinkling, reeling keyboards from Van Dyke Parks, with strings arranged byJack Nitzsche. Tim was a ferociously compelling live performer, so the collaboration of all of these amazing producers was probably necessary to capture his spirit so well. It’s unbelievable this debut has languished out of print for so long, as Buckley was supremely precocious even when concocting richly harmonizing freak-pop confections.

You can track the origins of his fiery frenzy of his soul power, and the burgeoning sexual maturity Buckley had early on by comparing the resultant LP with the twelve bonus tracks from a session with his band The Bohemians, available on the Deluxe Reissue for the first time. This two CD set also presents nine songs that make up a very rare stripped-down six-song session found recently and recorded shortly before the official debut. Included on the second disc along with the tracks from The Bohemians, it includes the previously unreleased hypnotizing jazz-pop original “My Love Is For You,” and stripped down versions of “She Is” and “I Can’t See You.”

The Tim Buckley Deluxe Edition is an extremely expansive and candid glimpse into this immortal experimental pop performer’s most blazingly youthful and prolific period. It is an irresistible way for beginners to get know his work; and an imperative overlooked work for long-time fans.



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