Tom Dyer’s New Pagan Gods

History of NW Rock

Green Monkey Records and Big Freak Media are teaming up to get the word out about this decades-in-the-making psychogeopraphy of Cascadian garage stomp! 

*Raging regional underground rock narrative features hot covers of 15 tracks, from “The Witch” (Sonics) to “She’s Boss” (Dimensions)

*Record Release show for History of NW Rock is August 22 at 8:00PM at Easy Street Records!

*The six-panel CD cover contains extensive notes about the making of the album as well as the original artists who recorded these classic, incendiary songs

Tom Dyer’s New Pagan Gods – History of NW Rock Vol.1 1959-1968 is a snarling, spitting kerosine-fueled garage-punk take of early and noteworthy Northwest goodness as performed by the mighty New Pagan Gods: Dyer, Scott Sutherland of the King County Queens, Scott Vanderpool of the KCQ’s and Green Pajamas, and Joe Ross of the Green Pajamas, with an occasional helping hand from Jeff the Organ Player. Goodness gracious!

History of NW Rock Vol. 1 features: 

1. The Witch   (Sonics)
2. Walk Don’t Run (Ventures) 
3. I Wanna Hold Your Hand   (Statics)
4. You Got Your Head on Backwards (Sonics)
5. Hungry (Raiders)
6. Angel of the Morning   (Merrilee Rush)
7. Louie Louie   (Kingsmen)
8. Dirty Robber   (Wailers)
9. Come Softly To Me   (Fleetwoods)
10. Just Like Me   (Raiders)
11. Out of Our Tree   (Wailers)
12. Little Sally Tease   (Don & The Goodtimes)
13. Werewolf   (Frantics)
14. Busybody   (Dynamics)
15. She’s Boss   (Dimensions)


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