Street date: June 19, 2012
Format: LP, CD & digital DL
Catalog: FFR004
Label: Flat Field Records
Band homebase: Seattle, WA

Tomten in the salad days

“This young Seattle band’s album is an impressive set of well-crafted indie-pop steeped in the music of ‘60s girl groups and British bands, with a variety of impeccably arranged songs featuring reverb guitars, organ, gorgeous harmonies, and catchy pop melodies.” – KEXP

“Goddamn. …Tomten seem to favor creating an atmosphere of reverence; it’s like they’ve written hymns. Not sacred hymns, but hushed pop hymns, slightly flecked with lysergic glints of radiance. Well, at least it feels that way. … It’s obvious they’re in the know about ’60s playing; they’re economical and reserved, but are not clouded by the contemporary aural misconceptions of the psychedelic ’60s. Their knowingness is then mated to open, crisp, contemporary production, giving them a strong ’80s paisley pop sound. It just all FITS.” – The Stranger

“With a supremely catchy, well-paced set that already sounds like a greatest hits collection, Tomten has the songcraft worthy of their chosen tradition.” – Seattle Weekly

Brian Noyeswatkins, Lena Simon, Jake Brady, and Gregg Belisle-Chi grew up in Monterey, Los Angeles, and Seattle, respectively. They absorbed all the timeless and elegant classic LPs they could get their hands on (favorites include: all things Big Star, XO and Either/OR, Hunky Dory, and Rubber Soul). They met each other at art school, and started crafting sweetly and subversive pop songs with sweeping organ, reverbed guitars, and resplendent harmonies. With a sound both familiar and new they’ve played Pacific NW festivals, a week of shows in Iceland, and have toured the West Coast.

The songs on their new album Wednesday’s Children feature a keen sense of assured swing with shambolic passion. The LP was recorded with engineer Andy Meyer (who has recorded the Tea Cozies, Ghosts I’ve Met, Smile Brigade).
Wednesday’s Children is coming out on the label Flat Field Records, which put out the critically praised SpokAnarchy post-punk anthology soundtrack last year. Several tours are being booked, and audiences always walk away buzzing from the refreshing, hard-to-pin-down Baroque pop charms.

The band’s debut EP for Flat Field Records was a limited-run 10 ” EP that came out in spring 2012. Two of those A-sides are on Wednesday’s Children, “Ta Ta Dana” and “So So So,” both of which have received loving airplay on KEXP.
Other key songs include the numinous “Anyone’s Guess,” the stoned and brittle bop of “Salamander Jack,” and the glistening, heartbreaking title track. The album ends with crowd favorite “Jujube” and the sprawling, anthemic, epic length “Rhododendron Rd.”
A more expansive late summer tour is planned to follow up their short West Coast one this spring, with Tomten taking their sweet swagger to your beautiful city ASAP.

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