Twitch and Gloam: Dark Sounds from the PNW


“Twitch and Gloam compiles 12 severe, stylish songs from Northwest neo-goth artists. If it’s beautiful, it’s also agonized and groaning. This is all black everything. … Collectively, it’s a moment. Props to Flat Field Records for this collection. It makes the time capsule easier to put together.”
–Andrew Matson, [Seattle] City Arts June 2013 Album of the Month

An aesthetically-themed 12-track collection of sound collectives possessing music venues + house shows + art + fashion + film-based social rituals in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, B.C.

Def. Verb + Noun: twitch – to ache sharply from time to time; twinge. + gloam – the time of day immediately following sunset; “he loved the twilight”; “they finished before the fall of night”

The spirit of David Lynch infects this music. With a heavy post-punk underpinning, these dozen dark gems are new tracks from a new crop of bands– alternately strident guitars, walls of noise, cold synths, no wave minimalism, and strangely seductive melodies. As the latest incarnation of the goth sound through a 21st century filter, these groups are less ritual and more actual, less eyeliner and more earsplitting.

Track Listing:

1. Vice Device (Portland, OR) – Solvent
2. Light House (Portland, OR) – Watchword
3. Mode Moderne (Vancouver, BC) – Only Sleep
4. Koban (Vancouver, BC) – Feed The Dogs
5. Grey Gardens (Vancouver, BC) – Baby
6. //ZOO (Vancouver, BC) – Twisted Fingers
7. Nightmare Fortress (Seattle, WA) – Faces In The Dark
8. Baby Guns (Seattle, WA) – BETABlocker
9. Haunted Horses (Seattle, WA) – The Void
10. Perpetual Ritual (Seattle, WA) – Certain Time of Night
11. Grave Babies (Seattle, WA) – Carve Out Your Tongue
12. Music For Evenings (Vancouver, BC) – Afraid of Ghosts (Not Afraid to Die)

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