Vampire Lezbos


Garage-punk road warriors Vampire Lezbos, spawned in the scary reactionary police state city of Spokane, WA in the early 80s, became the most noteworthy band from that area and era. This thrashing and howling, yet politically compassionate initial LP made inroads in the rock underground for a band that wore its scarred heart on its sleeve, gaining them comrades and live shows and tours with DOA, Fugazi, and Nirvana (VL actually played at Nirvana’s first show with that band’s new name). It would take the band into the punk world internationally, land the VLs at CBGBs, and find performing for over 3000 people with Circle Jerks and 7 Seconds in New Jersey.

For the full-length “Vampire Lezbos,” everything was captured as hot and ferocious as one of their beloved chaotic club shows. The eponymous release featured a strong collection of tracks written between their birth in 1984 up until the then-new stormer “So What,” freshly laid down for the debut.

Vampire Lezbos had solidified the live line-up by the time of their first album, which featured Dave Whiting (lead vocal and guitar), Jon Swanstrom (vocals/guitar), Spot (bass), and Dave Delong (drums). Whiting says, “Jon and I were the two hold-overs from our first 1985 tour so could be considered ‘the core’ main songwriters on this album, and live band organizers and tour initiators. With the addition of this new solid rhythm section, coupled with two solid guitar players, I think we felt the most musically powerful than we ever had in the past. I’m sure this somehow translated to our live shows.”

On the long-awaited and remastered deluxe reissue of the “Vampire Lezbos” Whiting says, “I think our first record finally gave the people a legitimate and tangible release to own, after a few limited edition DIY cassette releases. It also showed clubs and promoters that we were in fact a ‘serious’ band that had some history and worthy of headlining. After almost four years as a band and three U.S./Canada tours without an official release, people who liked the Lezbos were very excited to finally have our first LP in their hands. We achieved success with this album and it quickly sold out across America and Europe. Fans will be excited to finally have this back out on CD, with the additional bonus material featuring our 1986 singer, Rob Westergard, which has never been officially released.”

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