Sympathy for the Creator


wrtch - Sympathy for the Creator

Sympathy for the Creator
Track Sequence:

1.) Empathy for the Earth
2.) Deep Middle Wound
3.) Sensory Exit
4.) Cleisiophobia

Bonus Track: The God of Stones and Spiders (Cleisiophobia Acoustic)

-All tracks FCC clean

Sympathy for the Creator is the follow up album to debut release Guilt of Man (Dubbed Tapes), wrtch’s Sympathy for the Creator (Self Group) is an intellectually and bodily challenging conquest toward understanding the innermost wounding of all of existence. Culminating in cassette closer “Cleisiophobia,” both fear and fetish are exposed through delicately swelling circular layers, improvised vocalizations, and images of panopticon prisons.

Recorded live and mixed by Kazimierz Baniszewski to high-bias cassette tape at Gallery 1412 and The In Arts NW. Performed, composed and mastered by Ambrosia Bartošekulva.



Noise artist Ambrosia Bartośekulva has a past that comprises everything from working in the pop music industry to traveling the world. She finally found herself in the deeply experimental world of noise, where she discovered unexpected joy and inspiration as well as a sense of community.” —Sensible Reason 

“Bartośekulva is herself a multigenre artist— (previously) a member of influential noise three-piece Stalebirth and a solo performer under the name wrtch.”Seattle Weekly(interview)




The multifaceted artworks of Ambrosia Bartošekulva are seemingly limitless in their imaginings and mediums. Her vast multi-story (and multi-sensory) installations such as #PLANETS feature textured mixed-media paintings including salt honey and menstrual blood. Live and recorded, wrtch invokes internal, labyrinthine underworlds in elaborate arias, all containing a common thread of innate wisdom — leading us on journeys not out but through.

Despite deep DIY roots in Seattle’s underground, Ambrosia has recently moved to Chicago to pursue a BA of Fine Arts focusing on technology, biology, and sculpture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as the recipient of a Full Merit Scholarship.


Text for “Cleisiophobia” (preview track currently available on Bandcamp) and abovevideo: 

”Every single night in my dreams, whether they be beautiful or terrifying, I am on the run from some pursuer – law enforcement or government agency, a group of unmarked vehicles, an abusive person from my past, etcetera – carrying with them a threat of imprisonment, kidnapping, a windowless room, duct tape and handcuffs. Often I end up hiding out in a basement labyrinth, just as confined as if I were in their hands. This unrelenting fear runs in the background of my consciousness constantly, and is exponentiated by my visual disability and the seeming humanoid shapes that appear in my impaired peripheral vision. Images of prison cells, car trunks, and infested basements abound in the back of my mind. The fear of confinement or imprisonment is called Cleisiophobia. I made for you my deepest darkest fear.”

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